The Famous Poets Society (also known as the Christian Poets Guild[1]) was an alleged vanity press[2] that offered a poetry contest, a convention contest, and self publishing opportunities. They had been in operation for over 20 years before suddenly shutting down in 2015, and had published thousands of anthologies and individual books for amateur poets. Their convention contests awarded over $425,000.00 in cash prizes to amateur poets over 8 years.[3] Poets would submit their poems online using the website. All accepted authors received an acknowledgment letter and would pay to be published in an anthology. For their work published, writers were required to buy the anthology in order to receive a copy of it.

The Winning Writers website lists the Famous Poets Society as a place or service that aspiring poets should avoid, as it was largely a scam, and listing it on one's resume detracts from credibility.[1]

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