Fan Expo is a group of fan conventions operated by Fan Expo HQ, a unit of the Informa Connect division of Informa plc. Most of its events are run under the Fan Expo brand, which stems from its namesake, the Toronto-based Fan Expo Canada.


In 2013, Informa announced its acquisition of Hobby Star Marketing, organizer of Fan Expo Canada—a Canadian comic and entertainment convention held annually at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.[1] In 2014, Informa acquired the Dallas Comic Con.[2] In 2015, Informa acquired MegaCon in Orlando.[3][4]

In August 2016, Informa acquired Boston Comic Con,[5] which was rebranded as Fan Expo Boston in 2018.[6] In October 2017, Informa acquired the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo.[7][8] In March 2021, Informa acquired Denver Pop Culture Con, which was rebranded as Fan Expo Denver.[9]

In August 2021, Informa acquired Wizard Entertainment's conventions; all of its remaining events for 2021 were cancelled, barring Wizard World Chicago (which was held in October 2021 as the final Wizard World-branded event). All six of its conventions in Chicago, Cleveland, New Orleans, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Portland were rebranded as Fan Expo beginning in 2022.[10][11][12]


Events held as part of the Fan Expo family include:

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