The following is a list of Fangoria Chainsaw Award winners for Best Actress. It is awarded annually to an actress for her work in a horror or thriller film.

Winners and nominees


Year Nominees Film Result Ref
1992 Jodie Foster The Silence of the Lambs Won [1]
1993 Virginia Madsen Candyman Won [1]
1994 Melinda Clarke Return of the Living Dead 3 Won [1]
1995 Heather Langenkamp Wes Craven's New Nightmare Won [1]
1996 Jada Pinkett Demon Knight Won [1]
1997 Neve Campbell Scream Won [1][2]
Trini Alvarado The Frighteners Nominated
Fairuza Balk The Craft Nominated
Lynsey Baxter The Cold Light of Day Nominated
1998 Sigourney Weaver Alien: Resurrection Won [1]
1999 Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween H20: 20 Years Later Won [1]


Year Nominees Film Result Ref
2000 Heather Donahue The Blair Witch Project Won [1]
2001 Ellen Burstyn Requiem for a Dream Won [1]
2002 Nicole Kidman The Others Won [3]
Emily Perkins Ginger Snaps Nominated
2003 Naomi Watts The Ring Won [4]
Aaliyah Queen of the Damned Nominated
Laura Linney The Mothman Prophecies Nominated
Patricia Clarkson Wendigo Nominated
Victoria Sanchez Wolf Girl Nominated
2004 Angela Bettis May Won [5]
Jessica Biel The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Nominated
Angelica Lee The Eye Nominated
Roselyn Sanchez Nightstalker Nominated
Radha Mitchell Visitors Nominated
2005 Emily Perkins Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed Won [6]
Sarah Polley Dawn of the Dead Nominated
Jennifer Tilly Seed of Chucky Nominated
Bryce Dallas Howard The Village Nominated
Blanchard Ryan Open Water Nominated
2006 Cécile De France High Tension Won [7]
Angela Bettis Toolbox Murders Nominated
Jennifer Connelly Dark Water Nominated
Dakota Fanning Hide and Seek Nominated
Kari Wuhrer Hellraiser: Deader Nominated
2007 No award
2008 No award
2009 Lina Leandersson Let the Right One In Won [8]
Naomi Watts Funny Games Nominated
Eliza Dushku The Alphabet Killer Nominated
Jess Weixler Teeth Nominated
Alysson Paradis Inside Nominated


Year Nominees Film Result Ref
2010 Morjana Alaoui Martyrs Won [9]
Virginia Madsen The Haunting in Connecticut Nominated
Jordan Ladd Grace Nominated
Manuela Velasco REC Nominated
Emmanuelle Béart Vinyan Nominated
2011 Natalie Portman Black Swan Won [10]
Chloë Grace Moretz Let Me In Nominated
Charlotte Gainsbourg Antichrist Nominated
Sarah Polley Splice Nominated
Melissa George Triangle Nominated
2012 Rose Byrne Insidious Won [11]
Pollyanna McIntosh The Woman Nominated
Amanda Fuller Red White & Blue Nominated
Tabrett Bethell The Clinic Nominated
Josie Ho Dream Home Nominated
2013 Elizabeth Olsen Silent House Won [12]
AnnaLynne McCord Excision Nominated
Jessica Biel The Tall Man Nominated
Gretchen Lodge Lovely Molly Nominated
Robin McLeavy The Loved Ones Nominated
2014 Katharine Isabelle American Mary Won [13]
Sharni Vinson You're Next Nominated
Mia Wasikowska Stoker Nominated
Saoirse Ronan Byzantium Nominated
Juno Temple Magic Magic Nominated
2015 Essie Davis The Babadook Won [14]
Scarlett Johansson Under the Skin Nominated
Tilda Swinton Only Lovers Left Alive Nominated
Alexandra Essoe Starry Eyes Nominated
Marta Milans Devoured Nominated
2016 Maika Monroe It Follows Won [15]
Barbara Crampton We Are Still Here Nominated
Abigail Breslin Maggie Nominated
Susanne Wuest Goodnight Mommy Nominated
Ryan Simpkins Anguish Nominated
2017 Anya Taylor-Joy The Witch Won [16]
Kate Siegel Hush Nominated
Kika Magalhaes The Eyes of My Mother Nominated
Natasha Lyonne Antibirth Nominated
Samantha Robinson The Love Witch Nominated
2019 Toni Collette Hereditary Won [17]
Nadia Alexander The Dark Nominated
Emily Blunt A Quiet Place Nominated
Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween Nominated
Violetta Schurawlow Cold Hell Nominated


Year Nominees Film Result Ref
2020 Lupita Nyong'o Us Won [18]
Kiersey Clemons Sweetheart Nominated
Caitlin Gerard The Wind Nominated
Florence Pugh Midsommar Nominated
Samara Weaving Ready or Not Nominated


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