Archbishop of Canterbury
Term ended832
Consecration9 June 832
Personal details
Died30 August 832

Feologild (or Feologeld;[2] died 832) was probably a medieval English Archbishop of Canterbury, although slight controversy surrounds his election, with at least a couple of modern historians arguing that instead of being elected, he was merely an unsuccessful candidate for the office. He died soon after his consecration, if he was consecrated.


Feologild attended the Council of Clovesho in 803, and was listed on the acts of that council as an abbot of a Kentish monastery.[2] He was elected to the see of Canterbury in early 832 and consecrated on 9 June 832. He died on 30 August 832.[1] Some controversy surrounds whether or not he was actually elected as archbishop, with the historian Nicholas Brooks suggesting that there was a disputed election after the death of Wulfred, and Feologild was one of the contenders.[3] The historian Simon Keynes holds that the other contestant was Suithred,[4] or Swithred, who the historian William Hunt in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography argues is identical with Feologild. Swithred is listed as archbishop in some early lists of the archbishops of Canterbury.[2][5]


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