Fi 166
Role Vertical-launched jet fighter
Manufacturer Fieseler
Designer Erich Bachem
Status Project only
Number built None

In the early 1940s, Erich Bachem, Fieseler's Aircraft's technical manager, developed two designs for a rocket-launched fighter that could reach high altitudes quicker than conventional fighters.[1]

Design One

Design one involved a straight-winged jet fighter powered by two Jumo 004 jet engines. It would be launched upright by liquid-fuel rockets. After attaining an altitude of 3660 meters, the rocket would burn out, disconnect and return to earth via parachute for re-use. The fighter would then engage Allied bombers before landing as a conventional airplane.[citation needed]


Category Known Data
Maximum speed 800 km/h
Takeoff weight 5 metric ton
Flying time 45 minutes

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