First Battle of Katwa
Part of Second Maratha invasion of Bengal
Date17 September 1742

Bengal victory

  • Evacuation of the Maratha forces from the territory of Bengal

Bengal* Bengal Subah

Maratha Empire
Commanders and leaders

  • Bhaskar Pandit
  • Rudrasimha Pindari
  • Sheshrao Gusain
  • Mir Habib

The First Battle of Katwa occurred between Bengal and Maratha Empire in 1742. The Marathas initially attacked and captured Katwa and Hooghly in Bengal. The Nawab of Bengal Alivardi Khan, using conscripted Tribal and peasant levies from Birbhum, responded with a direct attack on the Maratha camp at Katwa from the rear in nightfall and the entire Maratha army was evacuated out of Bengal on 17 September 1742 believing a much larger force had charged them.[2][1][3]

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