First Lady of Namibia
Monica Geingos

since March 21, 2015
Inaugural holderKovambo Nujoma
FormationMarch 21, 1990

First Lady of Namibia[1] is the title of the wife of the president of Namibia. There have been three first ladies (and presidents) since Namibia's independence in 1990. Namibia's current first lady is Monica Geingos,[2] who has held the office since 21 March 2015.

First ladies of Namibia

Name Portrait Term Begins Term Ends President Notes
Kovambo Nujoma
(born 1931)
21 March 1990 21 March 2005 Sam Nujoma
Penehupifo Pohamba
(born 1948)
21 March 2005 21 March 2015 Hifikepunye Pohamba
Monica Geingos
(born 1976)
21 March 2015 Present Hage Geingob

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