First Lady of Rwanda
Flag of Rwanda.svg
Jeannette Kagame
since March 24, 2000
Inaugural holderVérédiana Kayibanda
FormationJuly 1, 1962

The First Lady of Rwanda is the official title attributed to the wife of the president of Rwanda. The country's current first lady is Jeannette Kagame, wife of President Paul Kagame, who had held the position since March 24, 2000.[1]

First ladies of Rwanda

Name Portrait Term Began Term Ended President Notes
Vérédiana Mukagatare Kayibanda July 1, 1962 July 5, 1973 Grégoire Kayibanda President Kayibanda was overthrown in the 1973 Rwandan coup d'état. Grégoire and Vérédiana Kayibanda were imprisoned by the Juvénal Habyarimana dictatorship following the coup. Vérédiana Kayibanda died under house arrest on October 13, 1974.
Agathe Habyarimana July 5, 1973 April 6, 1994 Juvénal Habyarimana
Verediane Sindikubwabo April 9, 1994 July 19, 1994 Théodore Sindikubwabo
Serafina Bizimungu July 19, 1994 March 23, 2000 Pasteur Bizimungu
Jeannette Kagame
April 22, 2000 Paul Kagame Incumbent first lady.[1]


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