First Gentleman of the
United Republic of Tanzania
Swahili: Mume wa Rais wa Tanzania
Hadief Ameir
since 17 March 2021
StyleHis Excellency (Formal)
Swahili: Mheshimiwa Baba
ResidenceIkulu, Dar es Salaam
Inaugural holderMaria Nyerere
Formation1 November 1964

First Gentleman of Tanzania or First Lady of Tanzania is the unofficial title held by the husband or wife of the president of Tanzania.[1] Until 19 March 2021, the office was held by women and thus referred to as First Lady. The country's present first gentleman is Hafidh Ameir.[2]

Present and former Tanzanian first ladies are often affectionately called "Mama" within the country.[3] In recent years, there has been public debate over the increasingly prominent role of the first ladies and gentlemen of Tanzania.[1] There have been calls for Parliament to formalize the office of the First Lady and First Gentleman of Tanzania.[1]

First ladies and gentlemen of Tanzania

First Lady/First Gentleman
Date tenure began Date tenure ended President
(Husband or wife)
01.01 Maria Nyerere
(Born 1930-)
1 November 1964 5 November 1985 Julius Nyerere
02.02 Siti Mwinyi
(Born 1932-)
5 November 1985 23 November 1995 Ali Hassan Mwinyi
03.03 Anna Mkapa
(Born ?-)
23 November 1995 21 December 2005 Benjamin Mkapa
04.04 Salma Kikwete
(Born 1963-)
21 December 2005 5 November 2015 Jakaya Kikwete
04.05 Janeth Magufuli
(Born 1960-)
5 November 2015 17 March 2021 John Magufuli
04.05 Hafidh Ameir
(Born ?-)
19 March 2021 Current Samia Suluhu Hassan


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