Fishing Lake
Fishing Lake
Fishing Lake
LocationFoam Lake No. 276, Saskatchewan
Coordinates51°50′48″N 103°31′56″W / 51.8466°N 103.5321°W / 51.8466; -103.5321Coordinates: 51°50′48″N 103°31′56″W / 51.8466°N 103.5321°W / 51.8466; -103.5321
Primary outflowsnone
Basin countriesCanada

Fishing Lake is a lake in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The lake is located between highway 5 and highway 16, 22 km north of the town of Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, and 24 km east of the town of Wadena, Saskatchewan. The freshwater Lake contains some of the largest Pickerel and Northern Pike(Jackfish) in the world. The lake does not have an effective outlet channel, and therefore is prone to flooding.[1] Record floods in 2007[2] resulted in a plan by the Government of Saskatchewan to lower the level of the lake by digging a drainage channel.[3] The Fishing Lake First Nation opposed this plan, and instead flood control berms were constructed.[4]

Fishing Lake Park

Fishing Lake Park is a regional park located along the shores of Fishing Lake. The park was established in 1967, and operates five locations: Chorney Beach, Leslie Beach, Saskin Beach, Pavilion Beach and the Foam Lake Golf and Country Club.[5]


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