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The current flag of Andalusia was adopted in 1918. Blas Infante (1885–1936), the "Father of the Andalusian Fatherland" (Spanish: Padre de la Patria Andaluza), initiated an assembly at Ronda in 1918. This assembly adopted a charter based on the Antequera Constitution (a nationalist Andalusian charter that styled Andalusia as an autonomous republic inside a Spanish federal state; this constitution is known as Constitución Federal de Antequera) and also adopted the current flag of Andalusia and emblem as "national symbols".[1] Its name used to be Arbonaida or also Arbondaira.

The colours of Andalusian flag, green and white, represent hope and peace, as the anthem says:

La bandera blanca y verde
vuelve tras siglos de guerra    
a sembrar paz y esperanza
bajo el sol de nuestra tierra.
    The white and green flag
    comes back after centuries of war
    to sow peace and hope
    under our land's Sun.


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