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Republic of Madagascar
UseNational flag and ensign
Adopted14 October 1958; 65 years ago (1958-10-14)
DesignTwo horizontal bands of red and green with a white vertical band on the hoist side
UsePresidential standard
DesignThe National flag with the Seal of Madagascar in the center of the tri-point with the initials "R. M." in the canton.
Malagasy flag

The national flag of Madagascar (Malagasy: sainan'i Madagasikara; French: drapeau de Madagascar) was adopted on 14 October 1958,[1] two years before the independence as they prepared for a referendum on its status in the French Community.

The colors of the flag represent Madagascar's history and traditional peasant classes.[1] Red and white were the colors of the Merina kingdom, which was conquered by France in 1896.[2] They were used in the flag of the last Merina monarch, Queen Ranavalona III. Green was the color of the Hova, the largest class of peasant commoners, who played a significant role in anti-French agitation and the independence movement.

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