Fa 325
Role Transport helicopter
Manufacturer Focke-Achgelis
Designer Heinrich Focke
First flight 1942
Status paper project only
Number built 0
Developed from Focke-Achgelis Fa 223

The Focke-Achgelis Fa 325 Krabbe was a proposed rotary wing transport designed in Nazi Germany by Focke-Achgelis in 1942.

Design and development

Heinrich Focke began designing the Fa 325 for the Kriegsmarine, which was interested in a torpedo-armed helicopter. The design had four rotors, and was, effectively, two Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 Draches attached to each other, powered by two Bramo 301R-3 radial engines (BMW development of the Bramo 323 Fafnir engine for helicopter use). Empty weight was calculated at 9,250 kg (20,390 lb), and maximum take-off weight at 12,268 kg (27,046 lb). The Kriegsmarine leadership withdrew from the Fa 325 project in 1943, and Focke ceased further development.[1]

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