Football in Taiwan
Governing bodyChinese Taipei Football Association[1]
National team(s)Taiwan national football team
Taiwan women's national football team
Taiwan national futsal team
Club competitions
International competitions

The sport of football in Taiwan is run by the Chinese Taipei Football Association.[2][3][4] The association administers all national football teams, as well as national competitions.[5][6]


The 1940 Chang Jung High School football team photograph, taken after winning Taiwan's school's soccer championship

Edward Band was credited with introducing football to Taiwan during his tenure as teacher and principal of the Presbyterian Church High School, subsequently renamed Chang Jung Senior High School [zh].[7][8][9]

The sport has grown near the status of historically most popular baseball.[10]

Current structure

In 2017 the sport was revamped in Taiwan with the introduction of the Taiwan Football Premier League. The season saw the country's first entry to the AFC Cup when Hang Yuen qualified for the 2018 AFC Cup group stage. The TFPL is currently the only national football division administered by the CTFA. Other amateur league operate in the country, including the T2 League and the Taiwan International Football League - TIFL. The domestic cup is the Chinese Taipei FA Cup, which the winners gain entry into the AFC Cup qualifiers.

Taiwan is currently ongoing systematic reforms in hope to elevate football and turn the sport from semi-professional into a professional one.[11]

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