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The tables below show the current makeup of the Saudi Arabian Football League system. The Saudi Professional League sits at the top of the pyramid and currently two teams get promoted/relegated between the Professional League and the First Division League.

There is also a Second Division League which currently features two groups of sixteen teams were clubs are promoted between this level and the First Division.

SAFF announcement a newly created fourth division officially named is Third Division League from 2021, the league features four groups of eight teams were clubs are promoted between this level and the Second Division.

Current system




Saudi Professional League
18 clubs


First Division League
18 clubs


Second Division League
32 clubs divided into 2 groups

Group A
16 clubs
Group B
16 clubs


Saudi Third Division
40 clubs divided into 4 groups

Group A
10 clubs
Group B
10 clubs
Group C
10 clubs
Group D
10 clubs


Saudi Fourth Division
(74 clubs) Najran Region League, Jizan Region League, Asir Region League, Bahah Region League, Ha'il Region League, Jawf Region League, Tabuk Region League, Madinah Region League, Makkah Region League, Ta'if Province League, Al-Qassim Region League, Rass Province League, Eastern Province Region League, Dammam Province League, Al-Ahsa Province League, Qatif Province League, Riyadh Region League, al-Duwadmi Province League, Al Zulfi Province League, Al-Kharj Province League, Al Majma'ah Province League.

Locations of the teams

Current Professional League Teams

Note: Table lists in alphabetical order.
Team Location Stadium Capacity
Abha Abha Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Stadium 20,000[1]
Al-Adalah Al-Hasa (Al-Hulaylah) Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Stadium 26,000[2]
Al-Batin Hafar al-Batin Al-Batin Club Stadium 6,000[3]
Al-Ettifaq Dammam Prince Mohamed bin Fahd Stadium 35,000[4]
Al-Fateh Al-Hasa (Hofuf) Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Stadium 26,000[2]
Al-Fayha Al Majma'ah Al Majma'ah Sports City 7,000
Al-Hilal Riyadh King Fahd International Stadium
Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium
Al-Ittihad Jeddah King Abdullah Sports City 62,345
Al-Khaleej Saihat Prince Mohamed bin Fahd Stadium (Dammam) 35,000
Al-Nassr Riyadh Al-Awwal Park 25,000
Al-Raed Buraidah King Abdullah Sport City Stadium 25,000
Al-Shabab Riyadh Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium 22,500
Al-Taawoun Buraidah King Abdullah Sport City Stadium
Al-Taawoun Club Stadium
Al-Tai Ha'il Prince Abdul Aziz bin Musa'ed Stadium 12,000[5]
Al-Wehda Mecca King Abdul Aziz Stadium 38,000
Damac Khamis Mushait Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Stadium (Abha)
Damac Club Stadium

Current First Division Teams

Current Second Division Teams

Group A
Club Location Stadium
Al-Bukiryah Al Bukayriyah Al-Bukiryah Club Stadium
Al-Diriyah Diriyah Prince Turki bin Abdul Aziz Stadium (Riyadh)
Al-Entesar Rabigh Al-Entesar Club Stadium
Al-Jandal Dumat al-Jandal Al-Orobah Club Stadium (Sakakah)
Al-Lewaa Baqaa Al-Jabalain Club Stadium (Ha'il)
Al-Nahda Dammam Prince Fahd bin Salman Stadium
Al-Qous Al Khurmah Al-Qous Club Stadium
Al-Sadd Najaan Al-Shoulla Club Stadium (Al-Kharj)
Al-Saqer Buraidah Al-Taawoun Club Stadium
Al-Taqadom Al Mithnab Al-Najma Club Stadium (Unaizah)
Al-Taraji Qatif Al-Khaleej Club Stadium
Arar Arar Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Musa'ed Sport City Stadium
Hetten Samtah King Faisal Sport City Stadium (Jizan)
Jerash Ahad Rafidah Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Reserve Stadium (Abha)
Qilwah Qilwah Qilwah Club Stadium
Tuwaiq Al Zulfi Al-Zulfi Club Stadium
Group B
Club Location Stadium
Al-Ansar Medina Al-Ansar Club Stadium
Al-Jeel Al-Hasa Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Stadium
Al-Kawkab Al-Kharj Al-Shoulla Club Stadium
Al-Nairyah Al Nairyah Al-Ettifaq Club Stadium
Al-Najma Unaizah Al-Najma Club Stadium
Al-Rawdhah Al-Hasa Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Stadium
Al-Rayyan Haʼil Al-Jabalain Club Stadium
Al-Safa Safwa City Al-Safa Club Stadium
Al-Shaeib Huraymila Irqah Sports Stadium (Riyadh)
Al-Sharq Ad-Dilam Al-Shoulla Club Stadium (Al-Kharj)
Al-Suqoor Tabuk King Khalid Sport City Stadium
Al-Washm Shaqraa Al-Washm Club Stadium
Al-Zulfi Al Zulfi Al-Zulfi Club Stadium
Bisha Bisha Bisha University Stadium
Sajer Sajir Al-Washm Club Stadium (Shaqraa)
Wej Ta'if King Fahd Stadium


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