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This is the setup of the association football league system in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The tables below show the makeup of the system. The UAE Pro League sits at the top of the pyramid and two teams get promoted/relegated between the UAEPL and Division 1. UAE Division 1 is the 2nd tier of the league system, while attempts to establish a third tier by splitting Division 1 into 2 groups has failed, around 2019, Division 2 was established to act as the new 3rd tier league, however it is uncertain how promotion and relegation will take place.


Level League
Professional League
1 UAE Pro League
14 clubs in one national division
↓↑ 2 clubs
Semi Professional League
2 UAE First Division League
17 clubs in one national division
↑ 2 clubs
Amateur Leagues
3 UAE Second Division League
12 clubs in one national division
↓↑ 2 clubs
4 UAE Third Division League
12 clubs split into two national divisions