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Fotokem Industries Inc.
IndustryPost production
Founded1963; 61 years ago (1963)
FounderGerald Brodersen
ProductsMotion picture film processing and post production
Location in Burbank 2015

FotoKem Industries Inc., doing business as FotoKem Laboratory, is a film laboratory and post-production studio located in Burbank, California.[1] The company was founded in 1963.


Fotokem was founded by Gerald Brodersen in 1963,[2] starting as a small scale film laboratory in California for independent film productions.

Services include telecine from 16mm, 35mm and 65mm to standard definition or high definition; high-resolution scans; film scanning and recording; DVD-creation; editing; digital intermediates, optical track creation; nonlinear finishing; titling, video duplication and standards conversion; global data delivery; encoding; and other services related to the completion of a motion picture feature, television series, commercial, or other professional film production.[3]

In 2004, Fotokem acquired the assets of Imagica USA, which enabled the lab 65 mm film post production workflows.[4] To date until 2023, Fotokem is the only film lab still able to produce photochemical 70 mm film prints (especially IMAX format film print[a]). Notable works include Christopher Nolan's Memento, Interstellar and films onwards.

In 2019, FotoKem expanded its creative post-production services in Santa Monica. FotoKem Santa Monica is linked to the company's Burbank and Hollywood locations via a secure fiber network, ensuring that feature-film and episodic finishing work can take place in real-time among all locations.[5]

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  1. ^ Previously, Consolidated Film Industries was one of the film labs able to produces 70 mm IMAX prints, until its parent company Technicolor ceased its operation in 2008.


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