Four Dimensions of Greta
UK theatrical release poster
Directed byPete Walker
Written byMurray Smith
Produced byPete Walker
Ray Selfe
StarringLeena Skoog
Tristan Rogers
Karen Boyes
Robin Askwith
CinematographyPeter Jessop
Edited byMatt McCarthy
Music byHarry South
Distributed byHemdale UK
Dimension Pictures (USA)
Release date
  • 23 May 1972 (1972-05-23) (UK)
Running time
85 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Four Dimensions of Greta (1972) is a low budget British comedy sexploitation film, directed by Pete Walker, featuring four 3-D film sequences. It was the first British film to use 3-D,[1] and the tagline on the poster read, "A girl in your lap".[2] The film is also known as "The Three Dimensions of Greta".


Hans, a young German journalist arrives in London to write an article about au pair girls but is requested by friends to investigate the whereabouts of their teenage daughter Greta. He interviews four individuals who all paint distinctly different pictures of the missing girl - each revealing a different aspect or dimension. These reminiscences constitute the film's 3-D sequences. Hans finally tracks down Greta and discovers she has been kidnapped by an East End gangster.[3][1]


Critical reception


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