Four Door Lemon Ltd
IndustryVideo games
FoundedApril 2005
Key people
Simon Barratt
Les Ellis
Number of employees

Four Door Lemon Ltd, currently based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, is one of the UK’s longest-living and successful independent videogames and middleware developers. Commonly known as FDL, the company’s unusual name is derived from a children’s joke.

With a history of successful middleware projects and games for various publishers all over the world, Four Door Lemon has recently started to develop and publish their own titles based on self-owned and new IP.

Four Door Lemon have developed games for platforms such as; iOS, Android, Nintendo DS, Wii, PlayStation 2, PSP, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Mac and PC using their own Lemon Engine. Future projects will include developments for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 using an enhanced version of the Lemon Engine.


The company was founded in 2005 by programmers Simon Barratt and Tim Wharton. After developing and launching the Lemon Engine as a middleware solution the team expanded and began development on games for various publishers alongside continued development on the Lemon Engine.

FDL-developed games continued to be released which include an augmented reality launch title, Table Football, developed for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for the PlayStation Vita’s 2011 European release.

The team has continued to expand as the company develops games for many publishers as well as the development and launch of its own titles, including a major multi-platform release due for summer 2014.

Games industry website Develop recently voted Four Door Lemon as one of the top developers in their Develop 100 poll.[1]

Company philosophy

After years of focussing on middleware and “for hire” game developments, Four Door Lemon have started to develop games to be self-published on various platforms, alongside work-for-hire titles for other publishers.[2]


Four Door Lemon utilises its own technology for developments. The multi-platform Lemon Engine has been used in all FDL-developed titles with an enhanced version now being used for the PS4 and Xbox One developments.


Charity and education

Four Door Lemon MD Simon Barratt is an ambassador for Special Effect, a charity dedicated to providing videogame control systems for disabled people so they can play and enjoy videogames. As well as fund raising for various projects he also helps publicise and attract attention to the various aspects of Special Effect’s work. FDL also spends time with various local educational groups, lecturing and advising students.

Industry organisations

Four Door Lemon is a member of numerous videogames related bodies including UKIE (board member),[3] Game Republic,[4] TIGA, Made in creative UK[5] and Ga-Ma-Yo.[6] It also continues to support many local groups in the north of England.

Exhibitions and conferences

Four Door Lemon attend a large number of videogames conventions and exhibitions, both to show off its various projects and deliver speeches and opinions on various aspects of game development and being an independent developer.


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