Fox Faith
United States
HeadquartersUnited States
Parent20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Fox Faith (also spelled FoxFaith) was a brand of film studio 20th Century Fox targeting evangelical Christians.

Established under 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in 2006, Fox Faith acquired independent Christian-themed films for theatrical and video release.[1] 20th Century Fox described Fox Faith titles as "morally-driven, family-friendly programming," and requires them to "have overt Christian [c]ontent or be derived from the work of a Christian author."[2]

The label's theatrical releases were by arrangement with the AMC Theatres and Carmike Cinemas chains, and most of their films were digital releases.[1] The New York Times said that Fox Faith's most widely distributed film was The Ultimate Gift and said that "while it's always amusing when Hollywood aims to instruct us in the spiritual dangers of dishonest profit, perhaps an insult to the artistic sensibility of the Christian public is not the best way to get into the multiplex."[3]


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