Association nameFédération française de hockey sur glace
IIHF membershipOctober 20, 1908
PresidentPierre-Yves Gerbeau
IIHF men's ranking13 Steady (28 May 2023)[1]
IIHF women's ranking12 Steady (28 August 2023)[2]

The French Ice Hockey Federation (French: Fédération française de hockey sur glace (FFHG)) is the governing body of ice hockey in France, as recognized by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). It was founded in 2006 after separation with the Fédération française des sports de glace (English: French Ice Sports Federation).[3]
For the first ten years, the federation had its offices in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Hauts-de-Seine. In 2016, it moved to a new national training center in Cergy, Val-d'Oise.[4] It manages both the amateur and professional games in France, as well as the national teams on junior and senior levels. France is a founding member of the IIHF.[5]

Luc Tardif served as the inaugural president of the federation from its inception in 2006 to 2021.[6] Upon his election as president of the IIHF, he was succeeded by Pierre-Yves Gerbeau.[7]

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