Fruit pudding
Scottish breakfast pack.jpg
Scottish breakfast pack showing sliced discs of fruit pudding on the left
Place of originScotland
Main ingredientsOatmeal or wheat flour, beef suet, brown sugar, currants, raisins, sultanas, cinnamon

Fruit pudding is a Scottish dish which is a mixture of wheat or oatmeal flour or breadcrumbs, beef suet, brown sugar, currants, raisins, sultanas, salt and cinnamon, formed into the shape of a large sausage.[1][2][3]

Normally cut into slices and fried, it is an optional feature of the traditional Scottish breakfast.[2][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11] Although served in this context as part of a savoury meal, its close relationship to clootie dumpling means it may also be served as a dessert.[2]

Many Scottish producers of sausage, sliced sausage, black pudding, white pudding and haggis also make fruit pudding.[12] It is not uncommon to find a "breakfast pack" consisting of sausage, sliced sausage, black pudding and fruit pudding on sale in Scottish shops.

In London, rock musician Alex Harvey purchased his Scottish breakfast supplies, including fruit pudding, from Fortnum and Mason.[13]


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