Fun in the Son, also known as Best Dressed Fun in the Son, is an annual gospel music festival held in Jamaica.


First held in March 2002 as a free event, it was originally staged at King's House and Heroes Circle in Ocho Rios.[1][2] It became a three-week festival and moved to Kingston in 2005.[3] It is organised by Tommy Cowan and Carlene Davis's Glory Music organisation.[1] Cowan described the aim of the festival as to "win this generation for Christ".[4]

The event attracted sponsorship from the Jamaican Broilers Group and was renamed 'Best Dressed Fun in the Son', a reference to the group's Best Dressed Chicken brand.[1] In 2012 Fun in the Son was staged at National Heroes Park in Kingston, one of the official events held as part of the celebrations of Jamaica's 50 years of independence.[3][5] An event was also held in Haiti in 2013, and an Autumn tour of schools in Jamaica took place that year.[6]

As well as musical performances, the event includes religious ministry and expanded to include fairground rides and other attractions.[1] The 2014 event is to feature extreme sports, football, marching bands, and a Gospel jazz concert.[4][7]

In 2014 the event will be staged in July at the Jamworld Entertainment Complex in Portmore, St. Catherine.[1]

Headline artists over the years have included Papa San, Carlene Davis, Kirk Franklin, and Goddy Goddy.[1][3] Other artists to perform include Lieutenant Stitchie, Prodigal Son, The Grace Thrillers, Hezekiah Walker, and Ron Kenoly.[2]


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