VHS cover
Directed byMichael A. Simpson
Screenplay by
Story byMichael A. Simpson
CinematographyWilliam VanDerKloot
Edited by
  • William VanDerKloot
  • Wade Watkins
Music byJames Oliverio
Distributed by
  • Double Helix Films
  • RMC Films
Release date
  • October 1987 (1987-10)
Running time
98 minutes
CountryUnited States

Funland is a 1987 American dark comedy film directed by Michael A. Simpson, who co-wrote the screenplay with Bonnie and Terry Turner. It follows a disgruntled clown who takes revenge on the staff of an amusement park who fired him. It was filmed at Six Flags Over Georgia in Austell, Georgia.[1]


Funland is a family-oriented amusement park owned by the eccentric Angus Perry. Niel Stickney, the clown mascot, is both one of the founders of the park and its former accountant. Niel has suffered a nervous breakdown and his grip on reality is slowly deteriorating.

After the mob kills Angus and takes over the park, Stickney begins to have increasingly bizarre hallucinations, including envisioning the patrons of the park cafeteria spontaneously breaking into song and dance, and seeing visions of the dead Angus. He then begins to believe himself to be his clown persona, Bruce Burger.

After the new mafia management fires him, he finally snaps. He steals a briefcase containing a rifle, intending to kill his replacement and reclaim the theme park. While firing the gun, the two sons of the mob boss recognize the sound and investigate. Bruce then shoots and kills one of them in self defense. The film ends with Neil Stickney (Bruce Burger) owning and running the park.[2]


Home media

It was released on VHS and, in 2004, DVD.


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