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Big Finish Productions audio drama
SeriesThe Worlds of Doctor Who
Directed by
Produced by
  • Gary Russell
  • Scott Handcock
  • David Richardson (Senior Producer)
  • Heather Challands
Executive producer(s)
  • David Darlington
  • Ioan Morris
  • Rhys Downing
  • Howard Carter
Release dateMarch 2004 (2004-03) – present

Gallifrey is a Big Finish Productions audio play series based on the television series Doctor Who, starring Louise Jameson as Leela, Lalla Ward as President Romana II, and John Leeson as two K-9 units, Mark I and Mark II. The title refers to the home planet of the Time Lords.

The first play in the series, Weapon of Choice, was released in 2004. The most recent: Gallifrey: Time War Volume Four, was released in February 2021.[1][2]


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Actor Character Appearances
Gallifrey Gallifrey: Time War Gallifrey: War Room
S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S1 S2 S3 S4 S1 S2 S3 S4
Lalla Ward Romana Does not appear Does not appear
Mary Tamm Does not appear Does not appear
Juliet Landau Does not appear Does not appear
Louise Jameson Leela Does not appear Does not appear TBA
Seán Carlsen Narvin TBA
John Leeson K9 Does not appear Does not appear
Miles Richardson Irving Braxiatel Does not appear Does not appear
Sophie Aldred Ace Does not appear Does not appear
Ken Bones The General Does not appear TBA
Lynda Bellingham Darkel Does not appear
Andy Coleman Andred Does not appear Does not appear
Stephen Wickson Valyes Does not appear Does not appear
Stephen Perring Matthias Does not appear Does not appear Does not appear
Nicholas Briggs The Daleks Does not appear Does not appear Does not appear TBA
Stephen Thorne Omega Does not appear Does not appear
Celia Imrie Livia Does not appear Does not appear
Pippa Bennett-Warner Does not appear Does not appear Does not appear
Derek Jacobi The Master Does not appear Does not appear
Terrence Hardiman Rassilon Does not appear Does not appear
Richard Armitage Does not appear TBA
Beth Calmers Veklin Does not appear TBA
Chris Jarman Rasmus Does not appear TBA
Carolyn Pickles Ollistra Does not appear TBA


The series focuses on political struggles within the leadership of the Time Lords, centred on Romana's presidency. In the first series, Romana's progressive policies and desires to open Gallifrey up to the outside universe faces opposition from more conservative cultures. In addition, a terrorist group known as "Free Time", who want to break the monopoly on time travel technology shared among the Time Lords and the few other temporal powers, steals a timeonic fusion device. The inquiry into Romana's handling of the incident reveals a dark secret surrounding the Time Lords' policy of non-intervention.

The second series sees the admission of non-Gallifreyans into the Time Lord Academy, leading to even more tension within the Time Lord political elite. Romana has to deal with Free Time infiltrators as well as an attempted coup by Inquisitor Darkel. In addition, an ancient Gallifreyan evil escapes from the Matrix: Pandora, a megalomaniacal personality who manipulates Romana and others with the goal of regaining life and power. At the end of the second series, Pandora manages to manifest herself in the form of Romana's first incarnation (played once again by Mary Tamm). Both Romanas claim the title of Imperiatrix, absolute ruler of Gallifrey, leading to civil war.

In the third series, Romana traps Pandora in the Matrix once again, and destroys her by sacrificing the Matrix. After an election fraught with political manoeuvring, one Lord Matthias becomes Lord President. The series ends on a cliffhanger, with Gallifrey on the brink of economic and social collapse as well as in danger of being overrun by a Free Time virus, while most of the cast are trapped with no apparent means of escape.

At the time Big Finish's license forbid them from using aspects of the revived television series,[3] the Gallifrey series does not explicitly acknowledge the events of the Time War. However, in the final chapter of the third series Irving Braxiatel speaks of "rumours out there in the big wide universe — more than rumours, in fact — that something's coming to Gallifrey, something worse than you could possibly imagine". Because of these rumours, Braxiatel engineers the removal of the Time Lord biodata archive from Gallifrey, in order that the Time Lords might someday be restored after their planet meets its doom. Former Big Finish producer Gary Russell indicated in the audio interviews for the fourth series that this was a reference to the television series' Time War.

The fourth series, sees Romana, Leela, K9 Mark II, Brax and Narvin unable to save the Gallifrey they know. Brax takes them to the Axis, from where they have access to a myriad of truncated timelines, and they look for answers in these alternate Gallifreys. During their travels, Brax falls into one of the portals of the Axis and is lost to them.

In the fifth series, Romana, Leela, and Narvin are stranded on an alternate Gallifrey, where time travel has not been invented and Time Lords are simply Regenerators. Romana and Narvin take over leadership and attempt to reform the planet, while Leela lives as an Outsider in the wastelands of Gallifrey with the former slaves she has freed. At the end of the series, the Daleks arrive through a portal in the Axis in their quest to invade the multiverse.

The sixth series begins with Romana, Leela, and Narvin foiling the Daleks' plot and returning to their original timeline with a cure to the Dogma Virus. Upon their return, Romana is greeted by her next incarnation in the Matrix and they enter into a deal to return Gallifrey to its former state. The Time Lords reinstate Romana as President following Matthias's resignation. When a Dalek force invades Gallifrey, Romana tricks them into entering the Matrix and traps them there. Unaware that Romana had survived, Narvin sends Valyes to recruit the Doctor on a mission to avert the creation of the Daleks, a move which becomes one of the opening acts of the Time War.[4]

The special Intervention Earth stars Juliet Landau as a new regeneration of Romana, who had made an appearance earlier as the Matrix projection Trey. It also introduces Sophie Aldred as Ace and features Stephen Thorne guest starring as Omega. In the special, Romana, Ace, and Narvin attempt to foil a plot to free Omega.[5]

The next special Enemy Lines saw Lalla Ward and Louise Jameson return, having remained absent in the previous release, with Seán Carlsen and Sophie Aldred continuing their roles. In the release, Brax returns and changes the timeline to prevent Romana's regeneration, averting the timeline in which Omega returns. Romana steps down from the presidency and names Livia as her successor, appointing herself as Coordinator of the CIA.

Having obtained the license to the revived series, Big Finish finally explored the Time War in a four-volume series from 2018 to 2021. In the first volume, Ward, Jameson, Carlsen, Richardson and Aldred reprised their roles, with Derek Jacobi guest starring as The War Master. Ace and Braxiatel head on a field mission together to obtain information, in which Brax wipes Ace's memory and leaves her on Earth, fleeing the Time War himself. Following Ace and Brax's disappearance, Romana recruits the Master in the fight against the Daleks. However, in a mission with Leela he betrays her and throws her into the Time Vortex.

At the end of the first volume, the Time Lords succeed in resurrecting Rassilon to lead them in the Time War. The second volume shows Romana and Narvin resisting Rassilon's increasingly authoritarian regime, even with all their allies gone. After an attempted coup, they are forced into exile from Gallifrey, where they decide to go search for Leela. The third volume shows Romana and Narvin in exile, and reveals what happens to Leela after being thrown in the Vortex. The fourth and final volume ends with Rassilon imprisoning Romana to a pocket dimension and conscripting Leela to fight in the Time War.

Big Finish Productions announced another four-volume series from 2022 to 2025 entitled Gallifrey: War Room with Jameson and Carlsen returning from previous sets as Leela and Narvin. They are joined by Ken Bones, reprising his role of the General from Doctor Who television episodes "The Day of the Doctor" and "Hell Bent" as well as Beth Chalmers, Chris Jarman, Carolyn Pickles as Veklin, Rasmus, and Ollistra.[6] The series bridges the gap of what happened before Leela's appearance in the War Doctor series.[6] Challands said “We heard the end of Leela's fight in The War Doctor: Casualties of War. We saw the end of the General's fight in The Day of the Doctor. The War Room is the heart of Gallifrey's manoeuvres and finally we are going to understand how all that strategy will play out.”[6]


Series 1 (2004)

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1"Weapon of Choice"Gary RussellAlan BarnesRomana II, Leela, K9 I & II, Braxiatel, Narvin, Torvald, Darkel, Arkadian, Free TimeMarch 2004 (2004-03)
2"Square One"Gary RussellStephen ColeRomana II, Leela, K9 I & II, Braxiatel, Narvin, Free TimeApril 2004 (2004-04)
3"The Inquiry"Gary RussellJustin RichardsRomana II, Leela, K9 I & II, Braxiatel, Narvin, Darkel, TorvaldApril 2004 (2004-04)
4"A Blind Eye"Gary RussellAlan BarnesRomana II, Leela, K9 II, Narvin, Torvald, ArkadianMay 2004 (2004-05)

Series 2 (2005)

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1"Lies"Gary RussellGary RussellRomana II & I, Leela, K9 I & II, Braxiatel, Narvin, Darkel, Andred, Wynter, Pandora, Free TimeApril 2005 (2005-04)
2"Spirit"Gary RussellStephen ColeRomana II, Leela, Braxiatel, Narvin, Darkel, Wynter, HallanMay 2005 (2005-05)
3"Pandora"Gary RussellJustin RichardsRomana II, Leela, K9 I & II, Braxiatel, Narvin, Darkel, Wynter, Andred, Hallan, Valyes, PandoraJune 2005 (2005-06)
4"Insurgency"Gary RussellSteve LyonsRomana II, Leela, K9 I & II, Narvin, Darkel, Andred, ValyesJuly 2005 (2005-07)
5"Imperiatrix"Gary RussellStewart SheargoldRomana II & I, Leela, K9 I & II, Narvin, Darkel, Hallan, PandoraAugust 2005 (2005-08)

Series 3 (2006)

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1"Fractures"Gary RussellStephen ColeRomana II, Leela, K9 II, Pandora, Darkel, Narvin, Valyes, Matthias, Hallan, Annos, Janartis, Elbon, HenzilMay 2006 (2006-05)
2"Warfare"Gary RussellStewart SheargoldRomana II, Leela, K9 II, Pandora, Darkel, Narvin, Valyes, Matthias, Hallan, Annos, Janartis, ElbonJune 2006 (2006-06)
3"Appropriation"Gary RussellPaul SuttonRomana II, Leela, K9 II, Darkel, Narvin, Valyes, Matthias, Henzil, Annos, JanartisJuly 2006 (2006-07)
4"Mindbomb"Gary RussellJustin RichardsRomana II, Leela, K9 II, Darkel, Braxiatel, Narvin, Valyes, Matthias, Henzil, Annos, Janartis, ElbonJuly 2006 (2006-07)
5"Panacea"Gary RussellAlan BarnesRomana II, Leela, K9 II, Braxiatel, Narvin, Valyes, Matthias, Arkadian, Henzil, Annos, Janartis, ElbonAugust 2006 (2006-08)

Series 4 (2011)

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1"Reborn"Gary RussellGary HopkinsRomana II, Leela, K9 II, Braxiatel, Narvin; Alternative Romana I, VansellMarch 2011 (2011-03)
2"Disassembled"Gary RussellJustin RichardsRomana II, Leela, K9 II, Braxiatel, Narvin; Alternative Romana II, Leela, Burner Doctor, Vansell, AndredMarch 2011 (2011-03)
3"Annihilation"Gary RussellScott Handcock & Gary RussellRomana II, Leela, K9 II, Narvin; Alternative Borusa, TorvaldMarch 2011 (2011-03)
4"Forever"Gary RussellDavid WiseRomana II, Leela, K9 II, Braxiatel, Narvin; Alternative Romana II, Narvin, Valyes, VansellMarch 2011 (2011-03)

Series 5 (2013)

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1"Emancipation"Gary RussellJames PeatyRomana II, Leela, Narvin; Alternative Slyne, Lukas, Kavil, Valyes, Matthias, RahvonFebruary 2013 (2013-02)
2"Evolution"Gary RussellUna McCormackRomana II, Leela, Narvin; Alternative Slyne, Lukas, KavilFebruary 2013 (2013-02)
3"Arbitration"Gary RussellDavid LlewellynRomana II, Leela, Narvin; Alternative Kavil, Slyne, Braxiatel, Matthias, Andred, RahvonFebruary 2013 (2013-02)

Series 6 (2013)

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1"Extermination"Gary RussellScott HandcockRomana II, Leela, Narvin, Daleks; Alternative Slyne, Lukas, Rahvon, Braxiatel, AndredOctober 2013 (2013-10)
2"Renaissance"Gary RussellJames GossRomana II, Leela, Narvin, TreyOctober 2013 (2013-10)
3"Ascension"Gary RussellJustin RichardsRomana II, Leela, Narvin, Trey, K9 II, Valyes, Matthias, Slyne, DaleksOctober 2013 (2013-10)

Series 7 (2015)

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
"Intervention Earth"Scott HandcockScott Handcock & David LlewellynRomana III, Ace, Narvin, Omega, LukasFebruary 2015 (2015-02)

Series 8 (2016)

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
"Enemy Lines"Scott HandcockDavid LlewellynRomana II, Leela, Ace, Narvin, BraxiatelMay 2016 (2016-05)

Series 9: Time War – Volume 1 (2018)

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1"Celestial Intervention"Scott HandcockDavid LlewellynRomana II, Leela, Narvin, Livia, Trave, Ace, BraxiatelFebruary 2018 (2018-02)
2"Soldier Obscura"Scott HandcockTim FoleyAce, Braxiatel, Daleks, Romana II, NarvinFebruary 2018 (2018-02)
3"The Devil You Know"Scott HandcockScott HandcockLeela, the Master, Romana II, NarvinFebruary 2018 (2018-02)
4"Desperate Measures"Scott HandcockMatt FittonRomana II, Narvin, Livia, Trave, Braxiatel, Daleks, Dalek Emperor, RassilonFebruary 2018 (2018-02)

Series 10: Time War – Volume 2 (2019)

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1"Havoc"Scott HandcockDavid LlewellynRomana II, Narvin, Rassilon, Livia, Mantus, TraveMarch 2019 (2019-03)
2"Partisans"Scott HandcockUna McCormackRomana II, Narvin, Eris, Livia, MantusMarch 2019 (2019-03)
3"Collateral"Scott HandcockLisa McMullinRomana II, Narvin, Eris, Rassilon, Livia, MantusMarch 2019 (2019-03)
4"Assassins"Scott HandcockMatt FittonRomana II, Narvin, Rassilon, Livia, MantusMarch 2019 (2019-03)

Series 11: Time War – Volume 3 (2020)

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1"Hostiles"Scott HandcockDavid LlewellynRomana II, NarvinFebruary 2020 (2020-02)
2"Nevernor"Scott HandcockLou MorganRomana II, NarvinFebruary 2020 (2020-02)
3"Mother Tongue"Scott HandcockHelen GoldwynLeelaFebruary 2020 (2020-02)
4"Unity"Scott HandcockDavid LlewellynRomana II, DaleksFebruary 2020 (2020-02)

Series 12: Time War – Volume 4 (2021)

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1"Deception"[1]Scott HandcockLisa McMullinLeela, Narvin, Rassilon, Livia, MantusFebruary 2021 (2021-02)
2"Dissolution"[1]Scott HandcockLou MorganNarvin, Rayo, DaleksFebruary 2021 (2021-02)
3"Beyond"[1]Scott HandcockDavid LlewellynRomana II, Braxiatel, RavenousFebruary 2021 (2021-02)
4"Homecoming"[1]Scott HandcockMatt FittonRomana II, Leela, Narvin, Braxiatel, Rassilon, Livia, Mantus, DaleksFebruary 2021 (2021-02)

Series 13: War Room 1: Allegiance

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1"The Last Days of Freme"Samuel ClemensLou MorganLeela, The General, Veklin, Ollistra, Rassilon, Narvin, DaleksAugust 2022 (2022-08)[7]
2"The Passenger"Samuel ClemensDavid LlewellynLeela, The General, Veklin, Rasmus, Ollistra, Rassilon, Narvin, DaleksAugust 2022 (2022-08)[7]
3"Collateral Victim"Samuel ClemensAlfie ShawLeela, The General, Veklin, Rasmus, Ollistra, Rassilon, Narvin, DaleksAugust 2022 (2022-08)[7]
4"The First Days of Phaidon"Samuel ClemensSophie IlesLeela, The General, Veklin, Rasmus, Ollistra, Rassilon, Narvin, DaleksAugust 2022 (2022-08)[7]

Series 14: War Room 2

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1TBATBATBATBAJuly 2023 (2023-07)[8]
2TBATBATBATBAJuly 2023 (2023-07)[8]
3TBATBATBATBAJuly 2023 (2023-07)[8]
4TBATBATBATBAJuly 2023 (2023-07)[8]

Series 15: War Room 3

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1TBATBATBATBAFebruary 2024 (2024-02)[9]
2TBATBATBATBAFebruary 2024 (2024-02)[9]
3TBATBATBATBAFebruary 2024 (2024-02)[9]
4TBATBATBATBAFebruary 2024 (2024-02)[9]

Series 16: War Room 4

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1TBATBATBATBAFebruary 2025 (2025-02)[10]
2TBATBATBATBAFebruary 2025 (2025-02)[10]
3TBATBATBATBAFebruary 2025 (2025-02)[10]
4TBATBATBATBAFebruary 2025 (2025-02)[10]

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