United States
NameGame Cock
OwnerDaniel C. Bacon, Boston, MA
BuilderSamuel Hall, East Boston, MA
LaunchedDec. 21, 1850
Out of serviceFeb. 1880
FateCondemned Feb. 1880 at the Cape of Good Hope
Notes“Designed by Samuel H. Pook or Samuel Hall (disputed)”
General characteristics
Tons burthen1391 tons
Length200 ft (61 m) LOA
Beam40 ft (12 m)
Draft22 ft (6.7 m)
Notes2 decks [1]

The Game Cock was a clipper ship known for its long sailing life of 29 years and 2 months.[1] Its principal route was the New York to San Francisco run.


A game cock with neck extended served as the ship's figurehead. Game Cock was considered either a medium or extreme clipper.[2] Its materials were similar to the Surprise.[3]


Game Cock sailed between New York City and San Francisco. The ship put in for repairs in Rio de Janeiro in 1851, and made voyages to Bombay in 1851, and Batavia in 1859.[2]


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