Gangs of London
Created by
Based onGangs of London
by London Studio[a]
Directed by
  • Aria Prayogi
  • Fajar Yuskemal
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
No. of series2
No. of episodes17 (list of episodes)
Executive producers
ProducerHugh Warren
  • Matt Flannery
  • Martijn van Broekhuizen
  • Laurent Barès
Running time53–93 minutes
Production companies
Original release
Release23 April 2020 (2020-04-23) –
The Getaway franchise

Gangs of London is a British television series created by Gareth Evans and Matt Flannery.[1] Based on the 2006 video game of the same name,[2][3] serving as the fourth installment in The Getaway franchise created by Brendan McNamara and Katie Ellwood,[4] Gangs of London follows the struggles between rival gangs and other criminal organisations in present-day London.

The first series premiered on 23 April 2020 on Sky Atlantic. In June 2020, a second series was announced, with AMC to take over US broadcast rights and co-produce, and Corin Hardy to take over as showrunner.[5][6] The second series premiered on 20 October 2022 in the UK and Germany and premiered on 17 November 2022 in the US.[7] In November 2022, the series was renewed for a third season.[8] In December 2022, a graphic novel titled A Gangs of London Story: Ghosts, set inbetween the first and second series, was released.[9]

The series has received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised its performances, narrative and action sequences, though some criticism was aimed at its excessive violence.


London, one of the world's most dynamic and multicultural cities, is being torn apart by the power struggles of the international gangs following the assassination of the head of London's most powerful crime family.


For 20 years, Finn Wallace (Colm Meaney) was the most powerful criminal in London. Billions of pounds flowed through his organisation each year. But now he's dead, and nobody knows who ordered him killed. With rivals everywhere, it's up to the impulsive Sean Wallace (Joe Cole), with the help of the Dumani family headed by Ed Dumani (Lucian Msamati), to take his father's place. If the situation wasn't already dangerous enough, Sean's assumption of power causes ripples in the world of international crime within the streets of London, which consists of the Albanian Mafia, Kurdish PKK freedom fighters, the Pakistani Drug Cartel, Welsh travellers and various other criminal elements. In the middle of this is newcomer Elliot Carter / Finch (Sope Dirisu), an undercover policeman who has infiltrated the Wallace Organisation.

Cast and characters


Actor Character Series
1 2 3
Main characters
Joe Cole Sean Wallace Main
Colm Meaney Finn Wallace Main
Lucian Msamati Edward "Ed" Dumani Main
Sope Dirisu Elliot Carter / Finch Main
Michelle Fairley Marian Wallace Main
Brian Vernel Billy Wallace Main
Valene Kane Jacqueline Robinson Main
Paapa Essiedu Alexander "Alex" Dumani Main
Pippa Bennett-Warner Shannon Dumani Main
Asif Raza Mir Asif Afridi Main
Orli Shuka Luan Dushaj Main
Narges Rashidi Lale Main
Mark Lewis Jones Kinney Edwards Main
Ray Panthaki Jevan Kapadia Main
Jing Lusi Victoria "Vicky" Chung Main
Waleed Zuaiter Koba Main
Jahz Armando Saba Main
Fady Elsayed Faz Main
Salem Kali Basem Soudani Main
Aymen Hamdouchi Hakim Main
Andrew Koji TBA Main
Richard Dormer Cornelius Quinn Main
T'Nia Miller TBA Main
Phil Daniels TBA Main
Ruth Sheen TBA Main




SeriesEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
1923 April 2020 (2020-04-23)23 April 2020 (2020-04-23)
2820 October 2022 (2022-10-20)20 October 2022 (2022-10-20)

Series 1 (2020)

No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal release date [11]
1"Episode 1"Gareth EvansGareth Evans and Matt Flannery23 April 2020 (2020-04-23)
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Finn Wallace, patriarch of the powerful Wallace crime syndicate, is murdered by a young Welsh Traveller named Darren, who was oblivious to his target's identity. With support from Finn's widow Marian, his son Sean takes over the syndicate, immediately shutting down all business to other criminal enterprises in the city until his father's killer is identified. Finn's advisor Ed Dumani, whose son Alex is lifelong friends with Sean, advises against this extreme measure, but Sean proceeds regardless. Suspicion immediately falls on Albanian gang boss Luan, who was absent from Finn's wake. Elliot, a low-ranking member of the Wallace organization, takes initiative when he learns that Luan has Finn's missing driver Jack captive. Revealing himself a highly skilled combatant, Elliot recovers Jack from Luan's hideout, earning favour with Sean. Meanwhile Darren's estranged father Kinney, a leader among the local Travellers, learns what his son has done, and tracks Darren down to his hideout, recovering him while having Darren's friend and getaway driver tortured to death. Kinney sends Darren away with his Traveller connections. Elliot, revealed to be an undercover policeman, receives intel on Darren's hideout from his handler Vicky Chung. Elliot kills Kinney's men after a brutal fight, but Darren is already gone, and the remaining captive kills himself before Elliot can question him. Meanwhile Ed Dumani murders Jack in order to keep the late Finn's secrets.
2"Episode 2"Corin HardyClaire Wilson23 April 2020 (2020-04-23)
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A series of flashbacks reveal that Finn took a young Sean out to the woods to commit his first murder. When Sean was unable to follow through with it, his older brother Billy killed the man instead. In the present day, Billy is the black sheep of the family as a gay recovering heroin addict who is kept out of the business. While at an orgy in a hotel room, Billy sees an acquaintance shooting heroin, and demands to know where he got it. Lale, the leader of the Kurdish gang, finds a new international source for heroin, stealing it from her Pakistani rival Asif's overseas business then having it shipped to London. Asif, whose son Nasir is running for mayor, requests that Sean reopen trade with him exclusively during his shutdown, but Sean refuses to budge. Elliot is assigned to drive Ed Dumani's daughter Shannon, and the two share an immediate spark. Luan meets with Ed and provides him with photos of a secret Finn had kept even from Ed and his family. Kinney approaches Sean, requesting mercy for his son, but Sean refuses. Billy goes missing and Sean tracks him down with help from Elliot, revealing that rather than scoring heroin, Billy was able to identify the dealer as the Kurds, revealing Lale's continued business despite the shutdown. Sean, however, still chastises Billy for doing something so dangerous. Later, Sean leads an attack on Kinney's Traveller encampment, killing dozens, but Kinney escapes.
3"Episode 3"Corin HardyPeter Berry23 April 2020 (2020-04-23)
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A flashback in Turkish Kurdistan reveals that Lale's husband Ara was burned alive because he was sold out to Turkish forces by Asif, with Lale swearing revenge. In the present, Lale arranges to send a shipment of supplies back to her allies there. Marian learns through Serwa, her private investigator, that Finn was having an affair with a woman named Floriana, and spent millions on a yacht in her name. Vicky speaks to the neighbour of the apartment where Finn was killed, learning Floriana lived there. Luan agrees to launder money through the Wallace business for a dangerous Nigerian crime lord named Mosi. Elliot grows closer to Shannon and her son Danny, kissing Shannon but hesitating to sleep with her. Alex holds a conference as the new face of Finn's legitimate business, impressing investor Jevan Kapadia. Sean and Ed plan separately to deal with Lale's breach of the shutdown. Sean hires a sadistic mercenary named Cole to abduct Lale's sister and her family, blackmailing her into halting her shipment to Kurdistan. Oblivious to this, Ed takes Elliot to Lale's business front, finding the aftermath of Cole's massacre and kidnapping. Elliot, who was hired to drive Cole, identifies where to locate him and Lale's sister. Elliot attempts to rescue the family, only to be nearly killed in a protracted fight with Cole, who is shot dead at the last minute by Ed. Meanwhile Sean ambushes Lale's shipment and destroys it, revealing that she is now the only London gang leader he knows not to be his father's killer.
4"Episode 4"Corin HardyPeter Berry and Joe Murtagh23 April 2020 (2020-04-23)
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Fearing the Wallaces and Dumanis are growing distant, Sean plans a dinner for the two families, even convincing his sister Jacqueline, a doctor with no criminal affiliations, to join. Sean also goes into business with Lale, but Asif learns about this arrangement. Ed shows Luan's photos to Alex, revealing them to be an entire Albanian family that was slaughtered with Finn's involvement. Vicky receives a text telling her to stop investigating Floriana, along with footage of someone entering Vicky's apartment at night and touching her sleeping face with a box cutter. A pregnant Floriana is shown captive in the basement of a Danish man named Leif and his mother. In an intimate moment, Elliot reveals to Shannon that his wife and son were killed in a car accident. Ed shows up at Elliot's home later, suspicious of his loyalties, and assigns him to help Wallace lieutenant Mark track down some petty thieves who robbed a jewelry store under their protection. When Elliot refuses to torture the thieves, Mark identifies him as an undercover cop, witnessed by Anthony, one of the robbers. Ed and Alex attend a party with Wallace Corp's investors, where Jevan insinuates that they now see Alex as the proper heir to the business, not Sean. Sean meets with Luan about the photographs, and Luan begins to explain that Finn hired him to kill the Albanian family. The meeting is interrupted when Leif attempts to assassinate Sean with a sniper rifle from a nearby rooftop. Leif picks off many of Sean's men, including Mark, keeping Elliot's identity safe. Elliot takes a bullet saving Sean's life, and Sean takes a critically wounded Elliot back to his house, interrupting the dinner so Jacqueline can treat his wounds. A house waitress suddenly pulls a gun on Sean, but is shot by Alex, leaving both families in disarray.
5"Episode 5"Gareth EvansGareth Evans and Matt Flannery23 April 2020 (2020-04-23)
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This episode takes place between Episodes 2 and 4. Darren is taken by Kinney's contact Mal to a farmhouse far out in the country owned by their acquaintance Evie, a weapons manufacturer who adopts orphaned teenagers. Arrangements are made for Darren to leave the country by boat with Evie's husband Albert. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the massacre at the Traveller encampment, a wounded Kinney hides out in the surrounding woods. Leif arrives at the campsite to collect intel, accompanied by Tove, the "waitress" who shot at Sean, revealed to be a Danish mercenary as well. Leif discovers Kinney's phone under a trailer, and is able to ascertain Darren's location based on a text exchange. Kinney evades the mercenaries and begins the arduous journey to reach Darren on foot, eventually stealing a man's truck and shotgun along the way. Kinney and the Danes converge on Evie's compound, where a prolonged siege takes place. Mal, Evie and all of her adopted teenagers are killed. Kinney and a resentful Darren retreat through an underground tunnel, but Leif catches up to them, shooting them along with Albert just as they are about to reach his boat. Kinney clings to his son, delivering a final, delirious monologue about perseverance, before Leif executes them both. As Leif calls his contact to confirm Darren's death, it is revealed that the Danes are working for Jevan Kapadia.
6"Episode 6"Xavier GensLauren Sequeira23 April 2020 (2020-04-23)
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Ed identifies Jevan as the culprit in the dinner shooting. Jevan leverages Alex's life to convince Ed to keep the information secret. Ed continues managing the family business, fulfilling Finn's deal with Luan to help launder his and Mosi's money. Eventually, Ed reveals to Alex that Finn was killed by his own investors, who now want to eliminate Sean and install Alex as the new head of the organization. Meanwhile Sean, Marian and Billy hide out at a safe house, where Tove is revealed to have survived her gunshot wound, with Marian holding her captive and brutally torturing her for information. Sean attempts to dissuade Marian and reason with Tove, who still refuses to talk. Billy struggles with his addictive urges under stress. Sean invites Elliot to the safe house, whom he trusts for saving his life. The two locate Tove's house using a tracking chip on her dog, identifying her as former Danish Special Forces and briefly encountering her young son. Billy invites Alex to the safe house in exchange for heroin, and Alex is shocked to discover Tove still alive, as he had been led to believe he killed her. Now disillusioned with Sean, Alex joins Ed at a meeting with Jevan. At the safehouse, a relapsed Billy wanders into the torture room, where Tove escapes her binds and takes him hostage, not before revealing the crucial detail that her team was meant to attack only when the Dumanis were absent. Marian shoots Tove dead, risking Billy's life. Sean confronts Alex about the information Tove provided, but their confrontation is interrupted when Alex realizes 500 million pounds - including Luan's and Mosi's money - has disappeared from their company bank account.
7"Episode 7"Xavier GensPeter Berry23 April 2020 (2020-04-23)
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Asif sends me to massacres Lale's entire organization. Lale herself escapes. She makes contact with Sean, and the two form a secret allegiance. Elliot tips off Vicky about Tove and Leif, but Leif and his mother remove Floriana from their property before the raid, which uncovers nothing. Vicky's superior DCI Harks indicates that Elliot is untrustworthy and initiates the process of pulling him from his undercover position, focusing instead on Anthony the jewelry robber, another undercover cop now rising in the ranks. With his money still missing, Mosi arrives in London looking for answers. He and his men slaughter the employees at the investment bank where it was being laundered, then visit Luan's home during his daughter's birthday and threaten him. Luan in turn threatens Ed, believing he stole the money from the account. Alex identifies the withdrawals as an automated transfer set in motion by Finn himself. He and Ed piece together that Finn was planning to abandon his family and business to start a new life with Floriana. The massacre at the investment house raises red flags for the investors, and Jevan demands that Ed and Alex take initiative in usurping the business from Sean. Marian visits her sister in Ireland, trading the "Floriana" yacht for a small army of men to boost the family's dwindling muscle. Serwa spots Ed and Alex meeting with Jevan, and Sean calls a meeting with them. Ed lays out the situation - that Sean is being pushed out of the family business by investors, with Alex set to take over, and Finn himself never intended to make Sean his heir. Furious, Sean shoots Ed in the leg and cuts ties with the Dumanis, ordering them all out of his house.
8"Episode 8"Xavier GensCarl Joos and Peter Berry23 April 2020 (2020-04-23)
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Sean and Marian go into hiding in an old tenement building belonging to their company. Leif and his mercenary squad pursue the Wallaces, looking to take Jackie hostage, but Billy warns her and the two leave together, setting up passports for fake identities out of the country. Elliot attempts to make contact with Shannon, but Ed turns him away. Anthony's cover is blown, and Marian's men torture him for information. Elliot is assigned to locate Anthony and call it in. Elliot fails to save Anthony, who is killed, and he in turn kills Marian's men, staging a shootout between them and Anthony to hide his involvement. Luan attempts to ambush Mosi but is double-crossed, and his accomplices are killed. When his family is threatened, Luan flies into a rage and kills Mosi and all three of his men single-handed. Floriana gives birth to Finn's daughter, then escapes Leif's house, kicking his mother down the stairs in the process. Alex and his employees track down part of the money Finn had withdrawn, providing results for the investors. Sean, completely disillusioned with his father's legacy, makes a last-ditch retaliation against his enemies, arranging with Lale to plant explosives underneath a Wallace skyscraper. The building collapses and explodes, resulting in a smoke cloud and blackout across downtown London.
9"Episode 9"Corin HardyClaire Wilson23 April 2020 (2020-04-23)
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Elliot is held captive and under interrogation by government agents. Flashbacks reveal the events of the previous day. In the aftermath of the bombing, Sean is wanted as a terrorist and hiding out on his own. He cracks Anthony's phone and discovers that Elliot is an undercover cop. Jevan is visited by two higher-ranking investors, Kane and Jacob, who have him thrown from his apartment window and killed. Asif's son Nasir wins the election and becomes mayor of London. Lale, disguised as a journalist, assassinates Nasir at his own victory party, leaving his mutilated corpse for Asif to find. Their arrangement complete, Lale sleeps with Sean before returning to Kurdistan. Ed meets with Marian in a graveyard, imploring her to give up Sean. The two pull guns on each other, and Ed shoots Marian, seemingly killing her. Harks informs Vicky that Elliot has been retired from duty as a police officer. Vicky visits Shannon at home, attempting to turn her as an informant. Shannon discerns that Elliot was undercover, and shoots Vicky dead. Searching for Sean, Elliot gets his location from Billy. Before visiting Sean's hideout, Elliot is picked up by Kane and Jacob, who order him to keep Alex Dumani in play and prevent Sean from standing trial, leveraging Shannon and Danny's lives to compel him. Elliot visits Sean, who at first considers killing the undercover cop. Instead he provides Elliot with a sim card containing evidence against the investors, hoping he can bring them down legally. Alex arrives at Sean's hideout, bribing Sean's doormen to let him bring a gun into the room. He plans to kill Sean, but cannot follow through with it as Sean talks him down. Elliot disarms Alex, only to shoot Sean with the gun. Police raid the hideout, and Elliot successfully smuggles Alex to safety, though Harks is killed in the process. Elliot is arrested afterward, leading to his interrogation. An agent of the investors, disguised as a nurse, secretly instructs him to claim diplomatic immunity under Panama, and his captors are forced to release him. Though seemingly working for the investors now, Elliot extracts Sean's sim card from a hiding place in his mouth. A flashback to the previous day reveals Marian survived her shooting, and she is approached by Floriana, who offers to help her.

Series 2 (2022)

No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal release date [11]
10"Episode 1"Corin HardyTom Butterworth20 October 2022 (2022-10-20)
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One year after the death of Sean Wallace, the investors have seized control of all organized crime in London, with Asif Afridi and Ed Dumani serving as stewards over the other gang bosses. The Algerian mafia, led by Basem Soudani, purchase an unauthorized shipment of weapons. Tipped off by Basem's right-hand man Hakim, Asif's enforcer Koba kills the men overseeing the shipment, and tortures Basem's nephew Faz to send a message. Faz figures out that Hakim was the inside man, and his sister Saba overhears them arguing. Asif and Koba determine that Luan Dushaj made the unauthorized weapons shipment. Against Ed's wishes, Koba carries out an attack on Luan's home. Luan kills his attackers, but Koba abducts Luan's wife. Shannon Dumani is released from prison for the murder of Detective Chung, but cuts contact with her family except for her son. Elliot Carter has been operating abroad as a hitman for the investors, who leverage his service by holding his father hostage. He is called back to London to kill Alex Dumani, who has been running the legitimate side of the Dumani Corporation but struggling with substance abuse and making unauthorized deals. Rather than kill Alex, Elliot attempts to give him the thumb drive he received from Sean for blackmail material against the investors. However, Alex gives up hope and commits suicide. Marian Wallace is revealed to be Luan's supplier.
11"Episode 2"Corin HardyLauren Sequeira20 October 2022 (2022-10-20)
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Billy is dragged away from his retreat with Jacqui to join his mother in seeking revenge on Elliot. He attempts to sneak out, but when caught admits to Jacqui what he is doing. Kane tells Elliot he can see his father in exchange for a job for Koba. Upon meeting them, Elliot takes an immediate dislike to Koba & his men, who need him to track the red car that killed Koba’s driver. Koba & Ed coerce Luan into looking for Marian using his kidnapped wife. When Ed protests, Koba tells him “if you’re stupid enough to have a family, then they are fair game.” When he confronts Asif about the issue, Asif blindsides him with the news of his son’s suicide. Meanwhile, the driver of the red car murders three Somalis working for Koba, and Koba brings Elliot to investigate, sparking tensions between Ed & Elliot. Afterward, Elliot arranges to see his father, stowing the USB in his father’s bathroom. Marian sends Billy and her men to kill Elliot. Floriana questions Billy going alone as well as Marian’s dealings, much to her chagrin. Serwa spots Elliot’s car. Asif and Koba look into Marian’s accounts and her banker, Rutherford, speculating that she found Floriana to access them. Rutherford refuses to turn the money over to the investors until Asif impales him through the hand with a steak knife. Meanwhile, one of Marian’s men diverts from Billy to make a gun deal with Luan. Instead, Luan kidnaps him and tortures him to death, now hoping for his wife back. Billy pursues Elliot, but Elliot diverts into a church where he meets with Singer’s agents, trading them information about the investors in exchange for he and his father’s freedom. Koba intimidates Basem, causing Faz to tearfully confess to Saba about Hakim. After an insult from one of his men, Billy stops searching for Elliot, drinking and reminiscing about Sean, and comes across their old house, now in ruin. He nearly relapses but calls Jacqui and leaves. Shannon arranges for Alex’s funeral while remaining distant from their father. Basem spends a night at a fish market with Saba. Elliot & Koba’s men are sent after to protect him, putting Elliot back on Billy’s radar. Just as Saba is about to confess about Hakim, Basem is shot by the driver of the mysterious red car. Elliot saves Saba but an intoxicated Billy arrives to kill him. Billy is presumed dead after his getaway car falls into the Thames, but he is pulled out by the mysterious driver, Sean. Elliot remains behind just long enough to see Sean and Billy embrace.
12"Episode 3"Marcela SaidTom Butterworth and Steve Searle20 October 2022 (2022-10-20)
In flashbacks, it is shown that Sean was saved by Lale after he was shot through the cheek by Elliot, but they were both captured by Singer's associates. Sean promises Singer that he will take the city back from the investors, and demands that Lale be freed to help him. In the present day, Sean calls Marian and warns her that Koba is sending men after her. She and Floriana are rescued by the Kurds, but their men are killed. Merwan, a Kurdish leader, questions Lale's dedication to the cause because of the risks she's taking to help the Wallaces. Sean asks Marian to take control of Finn's money from Floriana, but she refuses. Floriana offers to support the Kurds financially, as long as they cut the Wallaces out, but Sean kills her.
13"Episode 4"Marcela SaidDanusia Samal20 October 2022 (2022-10-20)
Luan's wife has been buried alive by Koba's men, as Ed watches on disapprovingly. Luan reassures his young daughters that she will be home soon. Luan meets with Koba, and begs for his wife's safe return. Koba tells him to bring everyone together for a meeting that night. Elliot tells Singer he wants to leave London, but Singer's plan is to put Sean in charge of London again, with Elliott watching over him, so that the investors' plans will fail. He eventually relents and allows Elliot to leave in exchange for his information. Ed goes to Danny's football match to apologise to Shannon for failing her and Alex, then takes Luan to his wife's grave to rescue her, but Koba's men arrive. Ed and Luan kill most of them, but Luan is eventually knocked out by Tamaz. Marian manages to access Floriana's accounts but much of the money is missing.
14"Episode 5"Nima NourizadehRowan Athale20 October 2022 (2022-10-20)
15"Episode 6"Nima NourizadehMeg Salter20 October 2022 (2022-10-20)
16"Episode 7"Corin HardyRowan Athale20 October 2022 (2022-10-20)
17"Episode 8"Corin HardyTom Butterworth20 October 2022 (2022-10-20)


In an interview with Sky News in April 2020, Gareth Evans stated that while initially hired with his creative partner Matt Flannery to "make a film franchise" out of The Getaway video game series (in particular the third game, 2006 action-adventure Gangs of London, developed by London Studio), inspired by Evans' The Raid duology of action crime films, he had instead felt like "if we were going to do a film franchise, we would have two-thirds of our running time focused purely on our central characters, and then only a third left to explore the side characters that populate that world", and so on deciding that "we wouldn't do justice to the myriad of different diverse cultures and ethnicities that make up the city [I then] pitched it back saying this should be a TV show because you can afford to go off and detour for 10 to 15 minutes and spend time with other characters, and learn about them in more detail."[3] A short film adaptation of the game series had previously been in development in 2005, when The Getaway co-creator Katie Ellwood had first partnered with Amber Templemore-Finlayson, before the project entered development hell (although the duo would continue to collaborate as "Bert and Bertie").[12][13]

During filming, production visited St Clere Estate in Kent to stage a Traveller site and Dartford to film a speed boat scene near Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. A driving scene was also featured on Pilgrim's Way.[14] Gareth Evans also directed most of the action sequences for the first season.[15] The show was confirmed for a second series premiering in 2022, with Corin Hardy taking over as showrunner.[5] In July 2021, production on the second series had been halted for 10 days following a crew member testing positive for COVID-19.[16] Filming for the second series began on 31 May 2021 and wrapped in February 2022. The second series premiered on 20 October 2022.[7] In November 2022, the series was renewed for a third season, with production started on October 2023.[8][17] In November 2023, Andrew Koji, Richard Dormer and T'Nia Miller were announced to have joined the cast for the third series.[18]


The first season of the series was co-produced with the American pay network Cinemax which was expected to air the programme alongside Sky Atlantic. However, following an announcement in January 2020 by parent company WarnerMedia that Cinemax would no longer be developing original programming, its producers began negotiating to move the series to another U.S. outlet, with Cinemax's blessing.[19] AMC took over distribution,[20] with the first series premiering on October 1, 2020 on AMC+.


Audience viewership

The series became Sky Atlantic's second-biggest original drama launch of all time, with a 7-day cumulative audience of 2.23 million viewers for the opening episode.[21]

Critical response

On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the first season holds an approval rating of 91% based on 33 reviews. The website's critics consensus reads, "A modern crime family masterpiece, Gangs of London builds its own empire atop tried and true mafia turf -- complete with engaging drama, exhilarating action, and fine performances all around"[22] GQ said it is "a strong early contender to be the best show of the summer."[23]

On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the second season holds an approval rating of 81% based on 16 reviews. The website's critics consensus reads, "Gangs of London's second season can sometimes border on a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing, but fans of the series' crunchy action and swaggering attitude ought to remain satisfied."[24]


In December 2022, a Gangs of London graphic novel, set between the first and second series and titled A Gangs of London Story: Ghosts, written by Corin Hardy and Rowan Athale and illustrated by Ferenc Nothof, was released digitally to the news aggregator Den of Geek, ahead of a physical release.[9]


  1. ^ Gangs of London was developed by London Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment as a spin-off of The Getaway, written by Brendan McNamara and Katie Ellwood, and Black Monday, written/designed by Chun Wah Kong. Mike Bambury was the writer, Naresh Hirani was the creative director, and Daniel Navarro was the game director.


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