Gap Broadcasting Group was a group of companies that owned around 116 broadcast stations (including 1 low-power television station and 5 low-power stations) in 23 radio markets in northwestern and central southern United States in the late 2000s. Managed by Oaktree Capital Management, the group acquired mainly stations from Clear Channel Communications (now iHeartMedia as of late 2014) in the mid-sized radio markets that Clear Channel was exiting.[1] All Gap Broadcasting Group stations were acquired by Oaktree's Townsquare Media in August 2010.[2]

Operating companies


As of May 2010, just before being acquired by Townsquare, Gap Broadcasting Group owned the following stations:[4]

Gap Band Call sign City of license St. FacID
West FM KBBB Billings Montana 35370
West AM KBUL (AM) Billings Montana 16772
West FM KCTR-FM Billings Montana 16773
West FM KKBR Billings Montana 16774
West FM KMHK Worden Montana 1315
West FM K236AB Billings Montana 1316
West FM KZMY Bozeman Montana 72722
West FM KISN (FM) Belgrade Montana 24172
West FM KMMS-FM Bozeman Montana 24171
West AM KMMS (AM) Bozeman Montana 24170
West AM KPRK Livingston Montana 37816
West FM KXLB Livingston Montana 30566
West FM K254AL Livingston Montana 11009
West AM KKTL Casper Wyoming 86873
West FM KRVK Casper Wyoming 7360
West FM KRNK Vista West Wyoming 88406
West FM KTRS-FM Casper Wyoming 26301
West AM KTWO (AM) Casper Wyoming 11924
West FM KWYY Midwest Wyoming 26300
West FM KIGN Burns Wyoming 56234
West AM KGAB Orchard Valley Wyoming 30224
West FM KLEN Cheyenne Wyoming 5991
West FM KKCB Duluth Minnesota 49686
West FM KLDJ Duluth Minnesota 53999
West AM WEBC Duluth Minnesota 49689
West FM KBMX Proctor Minnesota 4588
West AM KID (AM) Idaho Falls Idaho 22194
West FM KID-FM Idaho Falls Idaho 22195
West FM KLLP Chubbuck Idaho 8413
West FM KPKY Pocatello Idaho 30246
West AM KWIK Pocatello Idaho 35885
West FM KEGE Pocatello Idaho 87656
West FM K221CE Lava Hot Springs Idaho 30247
West FM KCGY Laramie Wyoming 14753
West AM KOWB Laramie Wyoming 24700
West FM KYSS-FM Missoula Montana 71759
West AM KGVO Missoula Montana 71751
West AM KMPT East Missoula Montana 71754
West FM KBAZ Hamilton Montana 4700
West AM KLYQ Hamilton Montana 4699
West FM KVWE Frenchtown Montana 166027
West FM KENR Superior Montana 88404
West FM K252BM Seeley Lake Montana 22911
West FM KENR-FM1 Missoula Montana 133545
West AM KSEN Shelby Montana 67655
West FM KZIN-FM Shelby Montana 68295
West FM KEYW Pasco Washington 68846
West AM KFLD Pasco Washington 16725
West FM KOLW Basin City Washington 51128
West FM KORD-FM Richland Washington 16726
West FM KXRX Walla Walla Washington 16727
West FM KEZJ-FM Twin Falls Idaho 3403
West AM KLIX (AM) Twin Falls Idaho 3404
West FM KLIX-FM Twin Falls Idaho 3407
West FM KSNQ Twin Falls Idaho 87843
West FM KDBL Toppenish Washington 64507
West FM KATS Yakima Washington 64397
West FM KFFM Yakima Washington 49723
West AM KIT (AM) Yakima Washington 64398
West FM KQMY Naches Washington 88006
West AM KUTI Yakima Washington 49722
West FM K232CV Ellensburg Washington 64360
Central FM KEAN-FM Abilene Texas 54904
Central FM KEYJ-FM Abilene Texas 17804
Central FM KFGL Abilene Texas 73681
Central AM KSLI (AM) Abilene Texas 54843
Central FM KULL Abilene Texas 22158
Central AM KYYW Abilene Texas 40997
Central FM KATP Amarillo Texas 41433
Central AM KIXZ Amarillo Texas 9308
Central FM KXSS-FM Amarillo Texas 9306
Central FM KMXJ-FM Amarillo Texas 31463
Central FM KPRF Amarillo Texas 9307
Central FM KHLA Jennings Louisiana 8169
Central AM KLCL Lake Charles Louisiana 53646
Central FM KJMH Lake Arthur Louisiana 22962
Central FM KNGT Lake Charles Louisiana 53643
Central AM KJEF Jennings Louisiana 8168
Central FM KTSR DeQuincy Louisiana 71555
Central FM KLAW Lawton Oklahoma 35045
Central FM KVRW Lawton Oklahoma 2894
Central FM KZCD Lawton Oklahoma 12791
Central FM KFMX-FM Lubbock Texas 60799
Central AM KFYO (AM) Lubbock Texas 61151
Central AM KKAM Lubbock Texas 60798
Central FM KKCL Lorenzo Texas 1721
Central FM KQBR Lubbock Texas 60800
Central FM KZII-FM Lubbock Texas 61150
Central FM KVLL-FM Wells Texas 68130
Central FM KYKS Lufkin Texas 25582
Central FM KAFX-FM Diboll Texas 18105
Central AM KSFA Nacogdoches Texas 11741
Central FM KTBQ Nacogdoches Texas 11740
Central AM KEEL Shreveport Louisiana 46983
Central FM KXKS-FM Shreveport Louisiana 46982
Central FM KRUF Shreveport Louisiana 60265
Central FM KVKI-FM Shreveport Louisiana 19560
Central AM KWKH Shreveport Louisiana 60266
Central FM KTUX Carthage Texas 35688
Central FM KKYR-FM Texarkana Texas 7066
Central AM KOSY (AM) Texarkana Arkansas 7072
Central FM KPWW Hooks Texas 65292
Central FM KYGL Texarkana Arkansas 12312
Central FM KMJI Ashdown Arkansas 7828
Central FM KISX Whitehouse Texas 72661
Central FM KNUE Tyler Texas 25585
Central FM KTYL-FM Tyler Texas 35711
Central FM KKTX-FM Kilgore Texas 48952
Central AM KDOK Kilgore Texas 48950
Central FM KIXS Victoria Texas 25584
Central FM KLUB Bloomington Texas 68301
Central FM KQVT Victoria Texas 19434
Central FM KBZS Wichita Falls Texas 52074
Central FM KNIN-FM Wichita Falls Texas 43754
Central AM KWFS (AM) Wichita Falls Texas 6639
Central FM KWFS-FM Wichita Falls Texas 1722

Gap Central also owned low-power television station KJEF-CA at Jennings, Louisiana (Facility ID 53643). It was also in the process of acquiring KTXN-FM at Victoria, Texas (Facility ID 13984), which it programmed under a local marketing agreement. GapWest programmed station KLMI at Rock River, Wyoming (Facility ID 164207) under a local marketing agreement.[4]


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