The Garodi are a Muslim community found in the state of Maharashtra in India. They are also known as Sampagarudi, Madari Baorikar and Gare.[1]


The Garodi are a community of Madari Faqirs, and are found in the districts of Kolhapur, Sangli and Pune. They speak the Dakhani dialect of Urdu, but most also speak Marathi.[1]

Present circumstances

The Garodi are an endogamous group with four exogamous sub-divisions. These sub-divisions are the Paroh, Pansitea, Bastasi and Bobad.[citation needed] Marriage within the sub-divisions is strictly forbidden. They are a landless community, who specialise in juggling and snake charming.[citation needed] The Garodi are Sunni Muslim, but incorporate many folk customs.[citation needed] They have set up a caste association, the Garodi Samaj, which acts as a community welfare organization.[1]

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