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Gary Community School Corporation serves most students who reside in Gary, Indiana.


In 2017, Gary Community Corp became the first school system in Indiana involved in a state takeover. Control of the district was transferred from the elected school board and appointed school superintendent to the State of Indiana's Distressed Unit Appeals Board, which placed MGT Consulting and Emergency Fiscal Manager Peggy Hinckley in charge of managing the district.[1] Gary school board President Rosie Washington was quoted as saying "We Have No Power", in the context of the state's takeover.[2] In November 2018, it was discovered that former Indiana Superintendent Tony Bennett, who directed policies that led to the state takeover, has an ownership stake in the for-profit company selected to manage the takeover with the potential to earn $11.4 million.[3][4]

School uniforms

All GCSC students from pre-Kindergarten through the 12 grade are required to wear school uniforms.[5] Starting the 2007-2008 Academic School year, all schools will follow the new "school uniform" policy. The school uniform policy varies for school and grade level, such as color.


All schools are located in Gary.

Gary Community School Corporation, which operates most of the public schools in the city proper.

Traditional high schools:

Middle schools:

Elementary schools:

Early childhood centers:


Former schools



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