Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling
  • February 2012 (Thailand)
  • May 2012 (Japan)[1]
StyleJoshi puroresu
FormerlyBangkok Girls Pro Wrestling (BBK Pro)

Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling (Japanese: プロレスリング我闘雲舞ガトームーブ, Hepburn: Puroresuringu Gatōmūbu, Thai: กาโตห์ มูฟ), often referred to simply as Gatoh Move is a Japanese Joshi puroresu (women's professional wrestling) promotion established in 2012, by Emi Sakura.[1] The promotion is most known for hosting shows in Tokyo at Ichigaya Chocolate Square, where there is no wrestling ring, only a small performing space in a shape of a square instead.[2]

The name Gatōmūbu (我闘雲舞, "I, War, Cloud, Dance"), written as a yojijukugo, is derived from the expression "We want to dance above the clouds" (私たちは雲よりも高く舞いたい, Watashitachi wa kumo yori mo takaku maitai), while also evoking the words "gâteau" (French for "cake") and "move".[3]


While in Thailand, Emi Sakura met Prachapoom “Pumi” Boonyatud, a long-time wrestling fan. By meeting Boonyatud, Sakura learned that there are many fans of professional wrestling in Thailand, which led to the two create Gatoh Move in February 2012.[1] Originally, the promotion was named Bangkok Girls Pro Wrestling (BBK Pro), but was re-branded as Gatoh Move on May.[1]

On September 22, 2017, Gatoh Move crowned their first Super Asia Champion, when Riho defeated "Kotori" in the finals of a tournament to become the inaugural champion.[4][5] The championship was vacated on June 4, 2019, and remained vacant until 2021.[1] On March 24, 2016, Gatoh Move crowned their first Asia Dream Tag Team Champions, Mizuki and Saki.[1] There have been nine champions, with Best Bros (Baliyan Akki and Mei Suruga) being the current titleholders.[6] The inaugural Super Asia Champion left Gatoh Move in July 2019.[7] In November 2019, Gatoh Move held its final show in Thailand, while still remaining active in Japan.[1]

Choco Pro (2020–present)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns in Japan Gatoh Move began airing a YouTube exclusive show, Choco Pro, on March 29 2020, with Minoru Suzuki wrestling in the main event against Baliyan Akki.[8][9]

In February 2021, Emi Sakura and Mei Suruga competed at the AEW Women's World Championship Eliminator Tournament for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), however, neither managed to win the tournament.[10][11]

The Super Asia Championship was revived on the 99th episode of Choco Pro on March 22, 2021, where a singles match between Minoru Fujita and Baliyan Akki was announced for the day 2 of the 100th Anniversary of Choco Pro on March 28[12] where Fujita defeated Akki to win the title.[13]


Mei Suruga

Current wrestlers

Ring name Real name Notes
Baliyan Akki[14] Ankur Baliyan Super Asia Champion
Asia Dream Tag Team Champion
Chie Koishikawa[15] Unknown
Choun Shiryu Unknown Freelancer
Emi Sakura[16] Emi Motokawa Founder of Gatoh Move
Lulu Pencil[17] Syuka Yamada
Mei Suruga[18] Unknown Asia Dream Tag Team Champion
Minoru Fujita Unknown
Sayaka[19] Unknown
Sayaka Obihiro[20] Unknown
Sayuri[21] Unknown
Tokiko Kirihara[22] Unknown
Yuna Mizumori[23] Unknown


Ring name Real name Notes
Aoi Kizuki Unknown
Hanako Nakamori Hanako Kobayashi
Mitsuru Konno Unknown Graduated from the promotion on Jan 29, 2021[24]
Kotori Unknown
Mizuki Unknown
Riho Unknown Left Gatoh Move on July 2019[7]
Rin Rin Unknown Left Gatoh Move on July 20, 2021[25]
Saki Saki Watanabe
Waka Tsukiyama Unknown
Yako Fujigasaki Yako Fujigasaki


Gatoh Move currently has two tites: the Super Asia Championship and the Asia Dream Tag Team Championship.


Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days held Defenses Location Notes
Super Asia Championship Baliyan Akki 1 February 13, 2022 172+ 3 Tokyo, Japan Defeated Minoru Fujita in a Last Man Standing match to unify the interim title with the lineal title at ChocoPro 200.
Asia Dream Tag Team Championship Calamari Drunken Kings
(Chris Brookes and Masahiro Takanashi)
(1, 1)
February 26, 2022 159+ 3 Tokyo, Japan Defeated Best Bros (Baliyan Akki and Mei Suruga) at ChocoPro 204.


Championship Last champion(s) Reign Date retired Notes
IWA Triple Crown Championship Emi Sakura 4 August 5, 2017 Deactivated when International Wrestling Association of Japan folded.


Tournament Last winner Last held Type Notes
One Of A Kind Tag League Saki and Yuna Mizumori July 17, 2021 Tag Team Defeated Melt Brain Dancing (Chango and Psycho in the finals.[26]


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