The following list of works by German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770–1831).

Collected works in German

Standard citation numbers

Hegel is cited—unless otherwise specified—on the basis of his output according w Eva Moldenhauer and Karl Markus Michel, Frankfurt a. M.: Suhrkamp, 1979. Prior to 1979, see below. Additions such as "A" or "B" refer to annotations added to the original text.

Band or the abbreviation Bd. is the German word meaning the volume number of the work.

The "1817 Encyclopaedia" contained only outline notes for students, called Zusatz ("addition"). They are often combined with the three books of Hegel's later work called "System der Philosophie I, II, III," the combinations being called the Encyclopaedia I, II and III.

Werke in 20 Bänden (complete works in 20 volumes), eds., E. Moldenhauer and K. M. Michel (Suhrkamp, 1969–1971).

Abbreviation Band Work
FS 1 Frühe Schriften (Early Writings)
JS 2 Jenaer Schriften (Jena Writings)
PG 3 Phänomenologie des Geistes (Phenomenology of Spirit)
NS 4 Nürnberger und Heidelberger Schriften
L I 5 Wissenschaft der Logik I
L II 6 Wissenschaft der Logik II
R 7 Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts
E I 8 Enzyklopädie der philosophischen Wissenschaften I
E II 9 Enzyklopädie der philosophischen Wissenschaften II
E III 10 Enzyklopädie der philosophischen Wissenschaften III
BS 11 Berliner Schriften 1818–1831
PGh 12 Vorlesungen über die Philosophie der Geschichte
Ä I 13 Vorlesungen über die Ästhetik I
Ä II 14 Vorlesungen über die Ästhetik II
Ä III 15 Vorlesungen über die Ästhetik III
Rel I 16 Vorlesungen über die Philosophie der Religion I
Rel II 17 Vorlesungen über die Philosophie der Religion II
GP I 18 Vorlesungen über die Geschichte der Philosophie I
GP II 19 Vorlesungen über die Geschichte der Philosophie II
GP III 20 Vorlesungen über die Geschichte der Philosophie III

Other volume numbers exist for the different editions of his complete works that were published at various times over the past two centuries:

Berlin 1832–1845 edition

Vollständige Ausgabe (complete edition)

Stuttgart 1927–1940 edition

Sämtliche Werke (complete works), ed., H. Glockner

Leipzig 1911 edition

Sämtliche Werke, eds., Georg Lasson, später J. Hoffmeister.

Hamburg, 1968

Gesammelte Werke – Akademie-Ausgabe (Academy edition)

Translations of major works

Tübingen, Berne, Frankfurt period

See also: Life of Jesus (Hegel)

Jena period

Nürnberg period

Heidelberg period

Berlin period


Translations of minor works

Jena period

Berlin period

Untranslated or only recently translated

A number of student lecture notes from Hegel's classes remain untranslated:


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