The IBRA regions, with Geraldton Sandplains in red
The IBRA regions, with Geraldton Sandplains in red

Geraldton Sandplains is an interim Australian bioregion of Western Australia[1][2] and part of the larger Southwest Australia savanna ecoregion, as assessed by the World Wildlife Fund.[3]

IBRA regions and subregions: IBRA7
IBRA region / subregion IBRA code Area States Location in Australia
Geraldton Sandplains GES 3,142,149 hectares (7,764,420 acres) WA
Geraldton Hills GES01 1,969,997 hectares (4,867,970 acres)
Leseur Sandplain GES02 1,172,152 hectares (2,896,450 acres)

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