Gerber/Hart Library and Archives
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Partial view of the library stacks, with six rows of stacks of bookshelves. Part of a rainbow flag and United States flag are visible hanging from the ceiling.
Gerber/Hart Library stacks
CountryUnited States
ScopeLGBTQ materials
LocationRogers Park, Chicago, United States
Coordinates42°00′00″N 87°40′18″W / 41.999970°N 87.671641°W / 41.999970; -87.671641Coordinates: 42°00′00″N 87°40′18″W / 41.999970°N 87.671641°W / 41.999970; -87.671641
Other information
DirectorWil Brant

The Gerber/Hart Library and Archives (or "The Henry GerberPearl M. Hart Library: The Midwest Lesbian & Gay Resource Center"), founded in 1981, is the largest circulating library of gay and lesbian titles in the Midwestern United States.[1] Located in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood, it houses over 14,000 volumes, 800 periodical titles, and 100 archival collections. The Gerber/Hart Library and Archives were inducted into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame in 1996.[2]

Although a private non-profit, the library has received taxpayer funds for its continuing operation from Illinois' "Fund for the Future," including a $25,000 grant in 1999.[3]

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