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Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln
German Sport University Cologne
RectorUniv.-Prof. Dr. Heiko Strueder
Academic staff
December 2019
Administrative staff
August 2019
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German Sport University Cologne (German: Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln, DSHS, Spoho), is a sport university in Cologne, Germany.[1]

Aeration of the German Sport University Cologne
Aeration of the German Sport University Cologne


The Sport University Cologne was founded in 1947. After the Sport University had changed its name to "German Sport University" in 1965 it gained the official status as a University in 1970. After German reunification, the East German "Deutsche Hochschule für Körperkultur" (German University for body culture) Leipzig was dissolved, leaving the Sport University Cologne as the only one in Germany.


University rankings
By subject – Global & National
QS [citation needed]  ()
THE [citation needed]  ()
ARWU Sport Science 2020[2] 17  (1)
QS [citation needed]  ()
THE [citation needed]  ()
ARWU [citation needed]  ()
QS [citation needed]  ()
THE [citation needed]  ()
ARWU [citation needed]  ()
QS [citation needed]  ()
THE [citation needed]  ()
ARWU [citation needed]  ()
CHE Ranking 2020 – National
Sports Sciences[3]
Overall study situation  2.2
Research orientation
Study organisation
Support in studies
Support in the study entry phase  8/14 pts.
Coursed offered
Teacher support
Exam preparation
Laboratory internships
Teaching of scientific competence
Scientific-artistical orientation
Graduations in appropriate time
International orientation
Contact with work environment
Job market preparation
Citations per publication
Doctorates per professor
Publications per professor  31.4
Research reputation
Third party funds per professor
Third party funds per academic

In the Shanghai Ranking's 2020 Global Ranking of Sport Science Schools and Departments, the German Sport University Cologne is ranked 17th in the world and 1st in Germany.[2]

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