Gerry Duggan
Duggan at a signing for Deadpool #300 at Midtown Comics in Manhattan, a week before the release of the film Deadpool 2
Alma materEmerson College
Occupation(s)Director and writer of television and comics
Years active1999–present
SpouseVirginia Duggan

Gerry Duggan (/ˈdʌɡən/;[1] born 1973) is an American comics writer, director and photographer living in Los Angeles.[2]

Early life

Duggan was born in New York City and raised in Ridgewood, New Jersey, where he graduated from Ridgewood High School in 1992.[3] He attended Emerson College, graduating in 1996.[citation needed]


Duggan was working at Golden Apple Comics in 1999 where he met many of his future collaborators, and eventually began production jobs working at Dakota Films. For the next 10 years worked in live TV, awards shows, pilots, comics, and films before finding traction in American comic books. Gerry Duggan has written Hulk, Nova, Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool, Batman: Arkham Manor, and co-writing Deadpool with Brian Posehn.[4][5][6]

Duggan was a writer and producer on Attack of the Show! and was on the staff for its final shows. His comics career began at Image Comics by writing and co-creating series The Last Christmas with Posehn and Rick Remender, and later The Infinite Horizon with Phil Noto, with was nominated for an Eisner Award in 2008 for Best New Series.[7] Duggan was a regular cast member on Posehn's role-playing podcast Nerd Poker, but was forced to exit due to increased writing deadlines.

In 2013, Marvel re-launched the Deadpool series, with Duggan and Brian Posehn as writers. In 2014 Duggan contributed to the script for the Xbox game Sunset Overdrive, and was part of a team that wrote the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards hosted by Patton Oswalt, for which he was nominated for a WGA Award.[8][9][10] Duggan also directed the promotional ads for that year's awards shows. In the same year he commenced a contract with Marvel Entertainment,[11] and began work on a reboot of the Avengers series.[12]

In 2016 Duggan co-wrote Marvel's Doctor Strange: The Last Days of Magic,[13] and continued to write for the Deadpool series until the run's conclusion with issue 36.[14][15] Duggan currently writes the critically acclaimed Marauders, as part of Marvel's 2019 reboot of the X-Men titles and also began writing Cable in 2020.[16] In 2021, Duggan began writing the X-Men flagship series, replacing Jonathan Hickman.[17]

Personal life

Duggan has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 1998. He is married to Virginia Duggan and together they have one son.[citation needed]


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