Gesine Walther
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1984-0603-019, Dagmar Rübsam, Gesine Walther, Marita Koch, Sabine Busch.jpg

Dagmar Rübsam, Gesine Walther, Marita Koch and Sabine Busch 1984
Medal record
Women's athletics
Representing  East Germany
European Championships
Gold medal – first place 1982 Athens 4x400 m relay

Gesine Walther (born 6 October 1962) is a retired German sprinter.[1]


In 1982 Walther became the first European indoor champion in the 200 m event.[2] At the 1982 European Championships she finished fifth in the 100 m, fourth in the 200 m and won a gold medal in the 4 × 100 m relay together with teammates Bärbel Wöckel, Sabine Günther and Marlies Göhr. The team finished in 42.19 seconds with Walther running the first leg.[3]

On 3 June 1984 in Erfurt, Walther, together with Sabine Busch, Dagmar Rübsam and Marita Koch, set a world record in the 4 × 400 m relay of 3:15.92 minutes. Both the world record and the European record was improved at the 1988 Olympics.[4]

Walther represented the sports club SC Turbine Erfurt, and won silver medals at the East German championships in 1984 (100 m)[5] and 1980 and 1982 (200 m).[6] Her personal best times were 11.13 in the 100 m, achieved in August 1982 in Cottbus,[7] 22.24 in the 200 m, achieved in July 1982 in Dresden[8] and 50.03 in the 400 m, achieved in May 1984 in Jena.[9]

Walther is 1.76 metres tall; during her active career she weighed 65 kg.

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