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Ghoti (Bengali: ঘটি; a.k.a. Pôshchim Bôngiyô; transl. West Bengali) is a term used to refer a social group of Bengali people native to the Indian states of West Bengal and Jharkhand.

Sports culture

Traditionally, West Bengal has been a major centre for football[1] and a longstanding rivalry between Ghoti and Bangal people on the football field have been a hallmark of the larger social friction between the groups.[2]

In a typical season, the clubs currently meet at least 3 times a year; twice in the Indian Super League and once in the Calcutta Football League. The ultimate showdown between the teams takes place during the annual Kolkata Derby, which features in FIFA's classic derby list.[3]

The primary venue of the match—the 85,000-seat Salt Lake Stadium—has remained sold out on match day, for decades. The Kolkata Police Force has in recent years maintained strict supervision after riots between fans claimed lives on multiple occasions.[4] Often the clubs also meet in other competitions like the Federation/Super Cup, the IFA Shield, and the Durand Cup among others.

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