Gibralter Hill
Gibralter Hill is located in New South Wales
Gibralter Hill
Gibralter Hill
Location in NSW
Highest point
Coordinates35°16′34″S 148°03′24″E / 35.27611°S 148.05667°E / -35.27611; 148.05667Coordinates: 35°16′34″S 148°03′24″E / 35.27611°S 148.05667°E / -35.27611; 148.05667

Gibralter Hill (also known as Gibraltar Hill) is a hill near Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia.[1]

Gold mining

In one week in April, 1864, almost 550 ounces of gold were mined from Gibralter Hill, a yield of more than 58 ounces per ton of ore.[2] In 1893 the Gibraltar Gold Mining Company exhibited gold ore from the hill at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago yielding a net of 6 ounces of gold per ton.[3]

In 1894 the Gibraltar Hill Company took 656 tons of ore from the hill, which yielded 2090 ounces of gold.[4] In 1895 more than 1500 ounces of gold were mined from the hill by the Gibraltar Gold Mining Company, although by this time the yield was down to less than 5 ounces per ton of ore.[5]

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