Gilda Kirkpatrick
Tehran, Iran
NationalityNew Zealand
Years active2016–present
TelevisionThe Real Housewives of Auckland

Gilda Kirkpatrick (born 1973)[1] is an Iranian-born New Zealand author, creative director and television personality. She starred as a main housewife on The Real Housewives of Auckland, which aired on Bravo.[2] She was also the first contestant to be eliminated from Dancing With the Stars New Zealand in 2018.[3][4][5]

She also wrote two educational series of sci-fi comic books called Astarons.[6]

The Real Housewives of Auckland

In 2016, Kirkpatrick signed on for The Real Housewives of Auckland.[7] One of her quotes, "Do you know what I've heard about you, not a f*****g thing", made her an internet meme. Kirkpatrick and fellow cast member Angela Stone occasionally had arguments throughout the series. Kirkpatrick also stated in an interview, "I also had a good conversation with Kylie Washington, the producer from Australia. She came to my house and I admired her as a woman. She explained that sometimes people aren’t happy with the programme – but if you be yourself then you’ll have no regrets. Plus she said that they wanted to hang onto us for a second series. So if you’re unhappy it’s no good for us".[8]

As of 2019 there was no agreement for a second season of the show.


Astarons is a series of educational books, written in the sci-fi comic genre, for kids aged seven and over. The books are about eight super heroes going on a journey through the solar system, exploring the galaxy and further galaxies to the edge of the universe.[9]

Personal life

Born in Iran, she moved to New Zealand and married James Kirkpatrick.[10][11] Kirkpatrick has two children of her own.[12] She is an anti-vaxxer.[13][14]


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