FoundedAugust 20, 2020
Shoot style
Mixed martial arts
HeadquartersYūrakuchō, Tokyo, Japan
Founder(s)Hiroyuki Suzuki
Kiyoshi Tamura
Owner(s)Hiroyuki Suzuki
ParentLidet Entertainment[1]

Gleat (stylized as GLEAT and pronounced as "great") is a Japanese professional wrestling and mixed martial arts promotion founded in 2020 by former Pro Wrestling Noah parent company Lidet Entertainment after the acquisition of Noah and DDT Pro-Wrestling by CyberAgent. The promotion is overseen by Hiroyuki Suzuki and former mixed martial artist and professional wrestler Kiyoshi Tamura. The promotion emphasizes the use of the UWFi combat sports-based wrestling style.[2][3][4]


In November 2018, Japanese advertising company Lidet Entertainment began investing in various business ventures in the professional wrestling industry including Riki Choshu's Power Hall show in December 2018. On January 29, 2019, Lidet Entertainment bought 75% shares of Pro Wrestling Noah, with the goal of transforming the promotion into the second largest promotion in Japan after New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). A year later due to Noah's financial struggles, Lidet Entertainment sold all shares of Pro Wrestling Noah to internet advertising company CyberAgent. Lidet's President Hiroyuki Suzuki wanting to continue to be involved with professional wrestling met with Kiyoshi Tamura several days after the sale of Noah.[5] Suzuki later announced the formation of a new promotion, Gleat – it was additionally revealed that Kaz Hayashi and Nosawa Rongai would become the Gleat Chief Technical Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, respectively. Gleat promotes shows via its two sub-brands – G Prowrestling, a traditional puroresu brand, and Lidet UWF, a UWFi-inspired shoot style brand.

Gleat held its inaugural event, "Gleat Ver. 0", on October 15, 2020, which aired on Fighting TV Samurai on October 22, with the main event pitting Noah's Sugiura-gun (Takashi Sugiura, Kazuyuki Fujita and Kendo Kashin) against Jun Akiyama, Shuhei Taniguchi, and Daisuke Sekimoto.[6] The participation of Noah wrestlers on Gleat events would cease after Nosawa Rongai resigned from his positions at Gleat to focus on his role as Noah booker.[7][8] Following the end of the Noah partnership, Gleat would see the participation of wrestlers from other Japan-based wrestling promotions, such as Sho from NJPW and Shinjiro Otani and Masato Tanaka from Pro Wrestling Zero1.

In February 2021, shoot style veterans Minoru Tanaka and Daijiro Matsui were signed by the company, shortly after Tanaka was given the UWF Rule Technical Officer executive role.[9][10] In May, it was announced that Cima, El Lindaman, T-Hawk, and Issei Onitsuka would be leaving Oriental Wrestling Entertainment and Ryuichi Kawakami would be leaving Big Japan Pro Wrestling to join Gleat.[11][12] Gleat also operates a developmental division, with Yu Iizuka, Soma Watanabe, and Takanori Ito being the promotion's inaugural trainees.[13]

In December 2021, Gleat announced a 12-man tournament would be held from January 26 to February 22, 2022 to crown the inaugural G-Rex Champion.[14][15] The tournament and championship were won by El Lindaman.

In July 2022, Gleat announced the creation of the G-Infinity Championship for its G Prowrestling brand. A four-team tournament was held from August 20, 2022, to August 24 to crown the inaugural champions.[16] The tournament was won by Bulk Orchestra (Kazma Sakamoto and Ryuichi Kawakami).[17] On December 14, Gleat promoted its first mixed martial arts (MMA) event, "Gleat MMA Ver. 0".[18]



Gleat divides their roster based on its two wrestling sub-brands, G Prowrestling and Lidet UWF. Gleat also recognizes a third roster division, Gleat MMA – wrestlers affiliated to Gleat MMA have legitimate martial arts experience and may wrestle on either G Prowrestling or Lidet UWF events.[19][20]



Ring name Real name G U M Unit Notes
Check Shimatani Nobuhiro Shimatani Yes Bulk Orchestra
Cima[22][23][24] Nobuhiko Oshima Yes #StrongHearts Chief Strategy Officer
G-Infinity Champion
El Lindaman[23][22][25] Yuga Hayashi Yes #StrongHearts
Go Miyake Go Miyake Yes GLEAT Main Unit
Hayato Tamura[26] Hayato Tamura Yes Bulk Orchestra G-Rex Champion
Issei Onitsuka[23][22][27] Issei Onitsuka Yes Yan's Family
Jun Tonsho Jun Tonsho Yes GLEAT Main Unit
Kaz Hayashi[23][22][28] Kazuhiro Hayashi Yes Yes Home Team Chief Technical Officer
G-Infinity Champion[3]
Maya Fukuda Maya Fukuda Yes Yes GLEAT Main Unit
MICHIKO[29] Michiko Miyagi Yes GLEAT Main Unit
Minoru Tanaka[23][30][31] Minoru Tanaka Yes Yes Yes GLEAT Main Unit UWF Rule Technical Officer
Ryuichi Kawakami[23][32] Ryuichi Kawakami Yes Bulk Orchestra
Soma Watanabe[23][33] Soma Watanabe Yes Yes Yes GLEAT Main Unit
T-Hawk[23][22][34] Takuya Onodera Yes #StrongHearts
Takanori Ito[23][35] Takanori Ito Yes Yes Yan's Family
Takehiro Yamamura Takehiro Yamamura Yes #StrongHearts
Tetsuya Izuchi[23][36] Tetsuya Izuchi Yes Yes Yes Black Generation International
Yu Iizuka[23][37] Yu Iizuka Yes Yes Yes GLEAT Main Unit

Regular outsiders

Ring name Real name G U M Unit Notes
Fujita "Jr." Hayato Hayato Fujita Yes Freelancer
Lidet UWF Champion
Hideki "Shrek" Sekine Hideki Sekine Yes Yes Hard Hit Freelancer
Hikaru Sato Hikaru Sato Yes Yes Hard Hit Freelancer
Kaito Ishida Kaito Ishida Yes Black Generation International Freelancer
Kazma Sakamoto Unknown Yes Bulk Orchestra Freelancer
Keiichi Sato Keiichi Sato Yes Freelancer
Kotaro Suzuki Kotaro Suzuki Yes Black Generation International Freelancer
Masato Kamino Masato Kamino Yes Yan's Family Freelancer
Oji Shiiba Oji Shiiba Yes Freelancer
Independent World Junior Heavyweight Champion
Shigehiro Irie Shigehiro Irie Yes #StrongHearts Freelancer
Quiet Storm Unknown Yes Bulk Orchestra Freelancer
Yusuke Kodama Yusuke Kodama Yes Yan's Family Freelancer
Yutani Unknown Yes Black Generation International Freelancer

Other personnel

Ring name Real name Notes
Chiho Tomiyama Chiho Tomiyama Ring announcer (G Prowrestling)
Haruo Murata Haruo Murata Commentator
Hiroyuki Suzuki Hiroyuki Suzuki Owner
President of Lidet
Katsumi Tamagawa Katsumi Tamagawa Referee (G Prowrestling)
Kiyoshi Tamura[23] Kiyoshi Tamura Executive Director[3]
Masato Yoshino[38] Masato Yoshino Gleat Championship Belts Manager
G Prowrestling Commissioner
Riki Choshu[23] Mitsuo Yoshida Observer[3]
Ryogaku Wada Ryogaku Wada Referee (Lidet UWF)
Soft Imai Daisuke Imai Referee (G Prowrestling)
Takahiro Yoshimizu Takahiro Yoshimizu Ring announcer (Lidet UWF)
Affiliated with Aoni Production
Takehiro Yamamura Takehiro Yamamura Ring announcer (G Prowrestling)
Yoshinori Umeki Yoshinori Umeki Referee (Lidet UWF)
Affiliated with Pancrase
Yoshiro Yabu Yoshiro Yabu Ring announcer (G Prowrestling)

Notable alumni/guests


Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days
Location Notes Ref.
G-Rex Championship
Hayato Tamura 1 December 30, 2023 133+ Tokyo, Japan Defeated T-Hawk at Gleat Ver.7. [39]
G-Infinity Championship
(Cima and Kaz Hayashi)
(1, 1)
March 13, 2024 59+ Tokyo, Japan Defeated #StrongHearts (Seiki Yoshioka and T-Hawk) in a tournament final to win the vacant titles at Gleat Ver.10. [40]
Lidet UWF Championship
Fujita "Jr." Hayato 1 July 1, 2023 315+ Tokyo, Japan Defeated Takanori Ito at Gleat Ver.6: 2nd Anniversary Show.

Lidet UWF Championship

As of May 11, 2024.

Lidet UWF Championship
Current design of the title (2023 – present)
Date establishedApril 2023
Current champion(s)Fujita "Jr." Hayato
Date wonJuly 1, 2023
First champion(s)Takanori Ito
Longest reignFujita "Jr." Hayato (315+ days)
Shortest reignTakanori Ito (24 days)
Oldest championFujita "Jr." Hayato (36 years, 284 days)
Youngest championTakanori Ito (29 years, 260 days)
Heaviest championTakanori Ito (209 lb (95 kg))
Lightest championFujita "Jr." Hayato (172 lb (78 kg))

The Lidet UWF Championship is a professional wrestling championship owned and created by the Japanese company Lidet Entertainment and is currently disputed in the Gleat promotion. The main characteristic of the championship is that it can be defended and won only under UWF rules matches and in combat sports-based wrestling style bouts.

There have been a total of two reigns shared between two different champions. The current title holder is Fujita "Jr." Hayato.

No. Overall reign number
Reign Reign number for the specific champion
Days Number of days held
Defenses Number of successful defenses
+ Current reign is changing daily
No. Champion Championship change Reign statistics Notes Ref.
Date Event Location Reign Days Defenses
1 Takanori Ito June 7, 2023 Gleat Ver.EX "Face-Off" Access 2 TDCH Tokyo, Japan 1 24 0 Defeated Shinya Aoki in a tournament final to become the inaugural champion. [41]
2 Fujita "Jr." Hayato July 1, 2023 Gleat Ver.6: 2nd Anniversary Show Tokyo, Japan 1 315+ 1 [42]

Gleat events

Main article: List of Gleat events

Most Gleat events are separated into the three brands G Prowrestling, Lidet UWF and Gleat MMA. Numbered "Gleat Ver." events air bigger cards featuring a mix of the three brands. Specials events such as "Gleat Ver.EX", "Gleat Ver.Mega" and "Gleat Ver.&" are held in larger venues and usually feature wrestlers from other wrestling promotions such as All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW), Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJW) or Pro Wrestling Freedoms. All events air live on Gleat's YouTube channel.

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