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GenreAnimated miniseries
Created byMAKE
Developed byMotion Pictures, S.A.
Written byJuan Carlos Ramis
Jose Mª Pérez Quintero
Directed byEnrique Uviedo
Pere Clos
Narrated byN/A
Theme music composerMiquel Tejada
Country of originSpain
Original languageUnspoken
No. of series2
No. of episodes104 (list of episodes)
ProducerEnrique Uviedo
Running time2 minutes
Production companyMotion Pictures (Spain)

Glumpers is a CG animated television series by Motion Pictures, S.A.(Spain) co-produced with Televisió de Catalunya. The series currently consists of two seasons, which have 104 episodes of 2 minutes each.


The Glumpers are a gang of blob-like creatures who live together. Each 2-minute episode revolves around them getting involved with everyday situations, along with some more bizarre ones.

Main characters

The Glumpers are a group of friends with totally stereotyped and conflicting personalities who live, or at least try, in a beautiful house outside Glumperona. There are six main quirky leading glumpers:


The essence of laziness, he hates any kind of physical exercise, excepting jaw movement, eating is his other big passion.


Hyper-active little glumper, who is always in high spirits, he does everything too much Quigly, so, almost always he tends to put his foot in it.


Quiet and shy, but always shows up how to join in the fun. Submissive and good-natured, he's always in the mood for playing...


A big size happy-go-lucky glumper who is a master chef and graceful dancer. He is the only one who tries to make the common sense come up, a misunderstood leader


The most mischievous Glumper and Booker's brother.


The smartest glumper, he is highly gifted, the opposite of his brother: Dudd


A mysterious and enigmatic Glumper, appearing for a brief time in the forested background. Notable for wearing a cooking pot on his head.



  1. Day at the Beach
  2. The Egg
  3. Night of Horror
  4. Ski Day
  5. Skate
  6. Meteorite
  7. The Stairs
  8. The Videogame
  9. UFO
  10. The Stick
  11. Discoteque
  12. Turn the Volume Down
  13. Raffle
  14. Tattoo
  15. Cleaning
  16. The Video
  17. Fishing at the Lake
  18. Insomnia
  19. Digestive Troubles
  20. Sand Castle
  21. Baywatch
  22. Airport
  23. Teletransport Remix
  24. Clone Matic
  25. Out of Remote Control
  26. The Omelette
  27. Avalanche!
  28. Romantic Date
  29. TV Passion
  30. Security Measures
  31. The Final Method
  32. Crazy About Soccer
  33. Reducing Tablet
  34. Drilling
  35. Hypno Fubble
  36. Fubble and the Sport
  37. Dudd, the Sculptor
  38. Tempus Fugit
  39. The Burial
  40. Sharing
  41. Fubble's Slave
  42. Surprise Party
  43. Bowling
  44. The Crack of Football
  45. Astral Panic
  46. By a Hairbreadth
  47. Fubble's Present
  48. Western
  49. Smoke Signals
  50. Crazy Dance
  51. Lottery
  52. Dudd is a Genius
  53. Remote-Controlled Glumpers
  54. Fishing
  55. Full Throttle
  56. Glumperina Jolie
  57. Painting the House
  58. Chewing Gum
  59. Deep Red
  60. Love is Blind and... Shortsighted
  61. The Books will get you go far
  62. Frantic Chase
  63. Channel Hopping
  64. Dudd's Odyssey
  65. Roller Skating
  66. Rat Poison
  67. Bath Time
  68. The Suspension Bridge
  69. Rap Dudd
  70. Pillage
  71. Sweet Dreams
  72. 3 Glumpers and a Feeding Bottle
  73. Cupid Dudd
  74. Mad About Glumperina
  75. Dudd's Cake
  76. Graffiti
  77. Footballitis
  78. SMS
  79. Amazing Trip
  80. Ecological Spirit
  81. Gobo Claus
  82. Training
  83. Stop Searching
  84. The Best Goalkeeper
  85. Frankensbird
  86. World of Glumpercraft
  87. The Magic Wand
  88. Flies
  89. Hot Stuff
  90. Practical Jokes
  91. The Baby
  92. The Magic Lamp
  93. Snowboard
  94. Drowsy Tale
  95. Dudd's Birthday
  96. Karate Dudd
  97. Oculist
  98. Quigly, Stay Quiet
  99. Sweet Toothed Vision
  100. Earthquake
  101. Zoo Visit
  102. The Pied Piper of Hamelin
  103. Sound Movies
  104. Pizza Delivery


  1. Bulking Up
  2. Growth Gun
  3. Splashing Around
  4. The Great Escake

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