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Golden Films
Founded1990 (as American Film Investment Corporation)
1994 (as Golden Films)
FounderDiane Eskenazi
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California

Golden Films was an American production studio founded in 1994 by Diane Eskenazi, previously known as American Film Investment Corporation.[citation needed] The studio has produced a variety of animated films including the Enchanted Tales series, which were originally distributed by Sony and a series of well known specials for Hallmark.

This prompted The Walt Disney Company to sue one of Golden Films' distributors after a string of Disney Renaissance-era films ended up in direct competition with Golden Films' productions on the home video market. As both Disney and Golden Films had relied on the same public domain source material, Disney ultimately lost the case.[1] The Golden Films library also uses classical music and over 200 original songs.


Golden Films has produced over 90 films and series which include the Enchanted Tales series of animated films which Golden Films produced for Sony. Golden Films also created and produced the animated series King Arthur and the Knights of Justice.


Golden Films' productions have been distributed by a variety of distributors. In the United States, distributors have included Sony Wonder, Columbia TriStar, Cartoon Network (Latin America), and Hallmark. International distributors include BBC, Universal, Grupo Planeta and Polygram. Current distribution includes Amazon, Tubi, Pluto TV, Comcast, Apple TV, Redbox, Roku Apple TV and many other streaming platforms.


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