Gole Afroze Government Degree College
গোল আফ্রোজ সরকারি ডিগ্রি কলেজ
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Singra, Natore Rajshahi

Coordinates24°30′N 88°59′E / 24.500°N 88.983°E / 24.500; 88.983Coordinates: 24°30′N 88°59′E / 24.500°N 88.983°E / 24.500; 88.983
TypePublic since 1986
MottoPoro tomar rober nam-e
(Learn in the name of your lord)
Religious affiliation(s)Islam (Sunni)
Established1970  Pakistan
Made Public in
1986  Bangladesh
FounderSingranatore family
School boardRajshahi Education Board
Educational authorityBangladesh Board
GradesUpper secondary and collegiate

Gol-e-Afroze Government College, also called Gule Afroze Degree College, is the only public residential, coeducational, institute of higher learning of Singra in Natore, Bangladesh. It is one of the five government colleges in the Natore District, and the third oldest, established before the War of 1971 and the Independence of the country.[1] Although it was a private college of the aristocratic Singranatore family, in 1986, the then President and former military ruler, HM Ershad announced that it would be made into a public college. Since then it is under the Ministry of Education of the Government of Bangladesh.[2]


Lady Gole Afroz from whom the college takes its name
Lady Gole Afroz from whom the college takes its name

It is named after Begum Gole Afroz, a member of the Singranatore family of Rajshahi, the daughter of Gulbadan Begum of Natore and Shamezuddin Ahmed. She was a granddaughter of Mirza Jalaluddin, the last zamindar of Natore and the wife of MM Rahmatullah.[3]


Further reading

Prothista Porichiti: Gole Afroz Shorkari Degree College 1996.


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