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Google Squared was an information extraction and relationship extraction product from Google.[1] It was announced on May 12, 2009 in response to the launch of Wolfram Alpha and was launched on Google Labs on June 3, 2009.[2] As part of the phasing out of Google Labs, Google Squared was shut down on September 5, 2011.[3]

Squared was developed at Google's New York office.[4] It was the first significant effort by Google to understand information on the web and present it in new ways.[5]

Google Squared extracted structured data from across the web and presented its results in spreadsheet-like format.[6] Each search query returned a table of search results which has its own set of columns - common attributes that are associated with the topic of a search.[2] Nathania Johnson of Search Engine Watch described Squared as "quite possibly ... one of Google's significant achievements".[7]

Google Squared is also the name used by an online digital marketing course Developed by Google with its partners.[8]

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