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Gorai-Madhumati River
The Gorai River at Kushtia Borobazar ghat
Native nameগড়াই-মধুমতি নদী (Bengali)
Physical characteristics
 • locationNear Barakhada, Kushtia from Padma river
 • location
Near Hularhar, Pirojpur to Katcha river
Length372 km (231 mi)
Map showing major rivers in Bangladesh including Gorai-Madhumati

The Gorai-Madhumati River (Bengali: গড়াই-মধুমতি, romanizedgaṛāi-madhumati , Gôŗai-Modhumoti) is one of the longest rivers in Bangladesh and a distributary of the Ganges.[1] In the upper reaches it is called the Gorai, and the name changes to Madhumati. Madhumati continuous stream through Kushtia, Jessore, Rajbari, Faridpur, Khulna, Pirojpur and Barguna districts in Bangladesh.

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