Gospel Opportunities Radio Network
Broadcast areaWHWL: [1]
WEUL: [2]
WHWG: [3]
FrequencyWHWL: 95.7 MHz
WEUL: 98.1 MHz
WHWG: 89.9 MHz
FormatReligious broadcasting; Christian Talk and Music
AffiliationsGospel Opportunities Radio Network
OwnerGospel Opportunities
First air date
WHWL: April, 1976
WEUL: 1990
WHWG: 1999
Call sign meaning
WHWL: Witnessing His Wonderful Love
WHWG: similar to WHWL
Technical information
Facility IDWHWL: 24688
WEUL: 24690
WHWG: 90578
ClassWHWL: C1
ERPWHWL: 100,000 watts
WEUL: 1,000 watts
WHWG: 1,000 watts
HAATWHWL: 162 meters
WEUL: 135 meters
WHWG: 119 meters
Translator(s)See § Translators
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The Gospel Opportunities Radio Network is a group of non-commercial FM radio stations, based in Marquette, Michigan at 130 Carmen Drive.

Gospel Opportunities, Incorporated was formed in 1975 to provide religious radio programming in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. WHWL became its first station when it went on the air in April 1976. WHWL is a Christian station with a focus on Bible teaching programs and traditional, conservative music. Their current station manager, Andy Larsen, has been in the position since 2016 when he took over for the late Curt Marker. The station usually has between 8-10 on-air radio personalities, highlighted by Kathy Kantola who runs the children's storytime program "Kathy's Kids Korner" weekdays from 1:30-4pm.


The main station of the Gospel Opportunities Radio Network is WHWL, is based in Marquette, Michigan and operates on 95.7 MHz with 100,000 watts. The station has two full-power repeater stations:


Additionally, WHWL has 10 translator stations of its own:

Broadcast translators of WHWL
Call sign Frequency
City of license FCC info
W216BF 91.1 FM Manistique, Michigan FCC FM Query
W224AV 92.7 FM Covington, Michigan FCC FM Query
W224AW 92.7 FM Bergland, Michigan FCC FM Query
W251AE 98.1 FM Victoria, Michigan FCC FM Query
W259AD 99.7 FM Newberry, Michigan FCC FM Query
W260AC 99.9 FM Houghton, Michigan FCC FM Query
W261CI 100.1 FM Escanaba, Michigan FCC FM Query
W271AG 102.1 FM Mackinaw City, Michigan FCC FM Query
W277AG 103.3 FM Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan FCC FM Query
W280DD 103.9 FM Ironwood, Michigan FCC FM Query