Gounamitz River
Physical characteristics
 • locationRivière-Verte Parish, New Brunswick, Madawaska County, New Brunswick
 • coordinates47°37′23″N 67°54′30″W / 47.62306°N 67.90833°W / 47.62306; -67.90833
 • elevation249 m (817 ft)
 • location
Drummond Parish, Victoria County, New Brunswick
 • coordinates
47°31′26″N 67°38′29″W / 47.52389°N 67.64139°W / 47.52389; -67.64139Coordinates: 47°31′26″N 67°38′29″W / 47.52389°N 67.64139°W / 47.52389; -67.64139
 • elevation
142 m (466 ft)
Length28.0 km (17.4 mi)
Basin features
 • left(from the confluence) One Mile Brook, Bells Brook, Big Brook, Balm of Gilead Brook, Benny Brook, Dave Richards Brook, Cyr Brook, Letourneau Brook, North Branch Gounamitz River, West Branch Gounamitz River, Caribou Brook.
 • right(from the confluence) Dunbar Brook, Falls Brook, McLaughlin Brook.

The Gounamitz River is a tributary of the head of the Restigouche River, flowing in the Northwest of New Brunswick, in Canada.

The course of Gounamitz river crosses:


The Gounamitz River rises at the confluence of the North Branch Gounamitz River and West Branch Gounamitz River. This source is located in the Rivière-Verte Parish, in Madawaska County.

This source is located at:

Gounamitz river flows in forest zone, more or less in parallel in the southwest side to the Kedgwick River.

From the source, "Gounamitz river" flows on 28.0 kilometres (17.4 mi), according to these segments:

The "Gounamitz River" pours on the Northwest shore of the Little Main Restigouche River, in the Drummond Parish, Victoria County, New Brunswick.

The confluence of the "Gounamitz River" is located at:

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