Government House
General information
TypeOfficial residence
LocationGovernment Hill, St. Michael
Coordinates13°06′04″N 59°35′59″W / 13.10120°N 59.59960°W / 13.10120; -59.59960Coordinates: 13°06′04″N 59°35′59″W / 13.10120°N 59.59960°W / 13.10120; -59.59960
ClientGovernor-General of Barbados

The Government House is the official residence and office of the Governor-General of Barbados.[1] It was built in the colonial days and was the residence of the Governor of Barbados. It later continued in the role of official residence and office of the Governor-General following political independence from the United Kingdom in 1966. Government House was once a Quaker Plantation, until it was purchased by the Imperial Government, when it acted as a replacement to The Bagatelle Great House in the Parish of St. Thomas.

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