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Governor General of New France was the vice-regal post in New France from 1663 until 1760 and was the last French vice-regal post. It was replaced by the British post of Governor of the Province of Quebec following the fall of New France. While the districts of Montreal and Trois-Rivières had their own governors, the Governor General of New France and the Governor of the district of Quebec were the same person.

Office Holder Term Appointed by
Augustin de Saffray de Mésy 1663–1665 Louis XIV
Daniel de Rémy de Courcelle 1665–1672 Louis XIV
Louis de Buade de Frontenac 1672–1682 Louis XIV
Antoine Lefèbvre de La Barre 1682–1685 Louis XIV
Jacques-René de Brisay de Denonville, Marquis de Denonville 1685–1689 Louis XIV
Louis de Buade de Frontenac 1689–1698 Louis XIV
Louis-Hector de Callière 1698–1703 Louis XIV
Philippe de Rigaud Vaudreuil 1703–1725 Louis XIV
Charles de la Boische, Marquis de Beauharnois 1725–1747 Louis XV
Roland-Michel Barrin de La Galissonière 1747–1749 Louis XV
Jacques-Pierre de Taffanel de la Jonquière, Marquis de la Jonquière 1749–1752 Louis XV
Michel-Ange Duquesne de Menneville 1752–1755 Louis XV
Pierre de Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil-Cavagnial 1755–1760 Louis XV

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Governor of New France
Governor General of New France
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